Who wear a helmet?

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Cavalier, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. mature aged rider

    mature aged rider New Member

    I can see where you are coming from Cavalier and being an, up until recently ER nurse I totally agree that we should wear helmets however your OH is an adult and he has the right to make his own decisions.

    My husband smokes cigarettes and I disagree that he should however I never talk about it as it is his decision to smoke(I will just be the dumb a*s that has to look after him on his oxygen machine). Just as you have the potential to be looking after a sninal case. If you love him enough you will overlook it and ignore it and accept it. If it is so important to you that he wears the helmet then you need to weigh it up.

    At the end of the day boys will do what boys will do and having us nagging us in thier ear just makes them ignore us. The other thing you could do is try some natural horsemanship on him - well it works on horses doesn't it!:)
  2. Lindsy10

    Lindsy10 New Member

    i agree with you cavlier
    lifes more important than looking poofy when you wear a helmet
    i always wear a helmet but the person who i ride with she only wears helmets on the odd ocasion but i know she has been riding since a kid but still shes older than, she should know better
  3. Lindsy10

    Lindsy10 New Member

    yah its a hard one i guess that you want the people you care about safe but on the other hand you cant exactly wrap them up in bubble wrap
    its their own decision if they wear one or not
  4. TobanMokey736

    TobanMokey736 Well-known Member

    I Always wear helmet when riding. the only time i'd ever not is for on occasion to wear a top hat/bowler, and in the water at the beach.

    Sometimes i leave it on after i get off, or between horses just cos i forget it's there i guess!! fair enough to the station workers not "helmeting" understandable.

    Fair enough to those who not want to "helmet" for whatever reason, but i'd draw the line at jumping. even 18inches it's still jumping.
    ah well i guess that's what i've just been brought up like lol
  5. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    I went through a stage of not wearing a helemt...all I could put it down to was ego with me.
    I should have been concentarting on other things rather then just the feel of the wind in my hair : ) lol!
    No - I dont ride without one anymore.
    It was a lecture from Coleen Kelly than put me in my place :)
    I swear by the Aussie rider helmets for those with the hot head problem - I HATE the hot head thing : ) I get headaches n all. Another thing to combat the hot head thing - drink lots of water whilst you ride, you loose heapes of sweat through your head when you ride.
    In the end I beleive each to their own - but just think of the people that will have to feed and wipe your booty cos they love you - if it all goes wrong, and it can happen to the best of riders : )
    Children......always......adults - well - they are apparently old enought to know and decide from the consequenses thmeselves.
    My head goes in a shell : ) and even when handling horses I do it : ) But its certainly easier to leaving it on for longer in an Aussie winter than an Aussie summer :)
  6. Diablo Equine Services

    Diablo Equine Services Well-known Member

    I never used to wear a helmet, but now I do to comply with my insurance cover
  7. QH Rulz

    QH Rulz Well-known Member

    i dont wear a helmet either... i guess its up to the individual.

    but i do wear one if i am going on a bush or road ride.. :)

    but with showing QH you dont wear a helmet in western and my hunter cap doesnt even have a strap on it for the english side of showing...

    although the AQHA do have a rule that any class over fences (hunter hack) must be done with a latched helmet..

    they must have different insurance cover to other breeds and societys
  8. petamc

    petamc Well-known Member

    Hi all, i've been reading all your posts with interest as someone who hates wearing a helmet - but does.
    I'd just like to point out another view on the 'its my choice to wear or not to wear' line.... what if you don't actually die from a head injury?? what if you have to live your life in a brain injury unit?? what if your injury could've been prevented by wearing a simple helmet??? think of the people who would have to look after you, think of the long term cost associated with someone who needs full time care and assistance.
    I am a nurse who has seen injuries that may have been less severe or even prevented by wearing a helmet.
    I am also a rider and mother of a rider - we always wear our helmets.
    Be safe people, and don't just think of yourselves **)**)
  9. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    I always wear a helmet, no matter what. It's a good idea to wear one when lunging and I have often worn one when float loading. You never know when the unexpected may happen. My brain might be slightly worn but I still value it :)
  10. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    By the way, I am a nurse too..I think that makes me that much more cautious.
  11. moreHaffies4WA

    moreHaffies4WA Well-known Member

    i am pretty naughty... sometimes i dont wear my helmet when i go for a nice slow ride around the paddock... i should i know, but i forget and once im on the horse i dont want to get off again and i feel so much "freeer" without one. i try to just walk when i dont wear a helmet.
    i dont think they should make them compulsury in all places. i think they should be in public places, like the beach or if you are in a riding park, because if ou fall off and are injured it is other people who have to help you. its not a good experience that anyone needs to see someone who just split their head open or something and you have to try and help them keep their brain in (could happen!!!)
    not a nice thing having to see so i think you should have to wear a helmet there for protection of yourself and those who potentionally would come to your rescue, but if you are riding at home it should be up to yourself if you want to protect yourself or not. i thinkyou should, but i cant talk, because i tend to forget on the rare occasion

    KINGSBONES Active Member

    I do beleive like most other people that its your own choice. Ihate helmets always have prob always will. Having said that my last 2 drafts i have worn it because my horse can sometimes be a bugger and they were my first since having a baby, but wont be making that mistake again, migrane everytime. As for the comment you never know what can happen... thats life and bad things happen all the time if we going to live our lives with that attitude may as well live in a bubble. It is free choice and people who choose not to should not be guilt tripped.
  13. Roodog

    Roodog Active Member


    My mother is a nurse so I was raised to wear a helmet at all times when riding. This saved my life when a horse I was galloping broke a leg and nose-dived into the dirt.. The top of my helmet was flattened which has left me with some short-term memory loss... small price to pay for what could of happened minus helmet.. Even going slow can be a hazard, all it takes is to land awkardly on your head and brain damage can occur. A brain is very precious and should be protected..you only get one!
  14. Daxter

    Daxter Active Member

    Definately wear a hat. I always remember a story I heard where a famous rock star (forget the name) went to a riding centre in the USA to take out a horse for the day, she was a confident rider and asked for a horse to suit. The owner said would you like a helmet? do I have to she replied, it's up to you he said, personally I do not bother, she said in that case no, I will be ok. She got on the horse and was about to go when she changed her mind and asked for the helmet. She set off and got a few hundred yards down the trail when the horse reared and flung her off, she landed on her back and her head hit straight on a rock that promptly broke the helmet in half, just imagine if she had not worn that helmet. After hearing that I will always wear a helmet, I do not like them very much but I do not want my head split in two thank you very much.
  15. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    Unfortunately, the potential outcomes of your choice are never free. Head injuries cost thousands - to society and to individuals alike.

    The chances of falling from a horse at some stage are actually quite high. Hands up who has *never* fallen off in their lives. How easy is it just to put a helmet on? No brainer really (literally!)
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  16. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    I could be sitting on the fence watching someone else riding the horse and fall off and knock my head too.
    Should I also be wearing a helmet ?
    Accidents happen.

    I wear a helmet (generally) when I'm out on the bridle trails and when having lessons with my instructor, but not when I'm doing flat work at home.

    I'm an adult, on my own property and I believe it's up to me to make the choice to wear or not to wear.
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  17. EPS

    EPS Active Member

    December news:: from Eurodressage::
    Ingrid Wahler, wife of the famous German stallion owner Burkhard Wahler of Klosterhof Medingen, has been severaly injured falling of Hanoverian Stallion of the Year De Niro while hacking. The 15-year old stallion returned from the woods without his rider. She was found after a lot of searching in the local forest and immediately transported to the hospital. She has been in a coma for three weeks now and is in stable but critical condition. Wahler, who had not worn a riding helmet, sustained an open skull fracture. We wish her a speedy recovery!

    News -> What's Happening in the Dressage World? -> December 2008
  18. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    People might be adults and can make up their own mind but the 'mature' decision is to wear one.
  19. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    It's a personal choice.
    Have you ever been to a camp draft and seen how many of those riders choose not to wear helmets ?
    Take a wander through one oneday and chat to all those riders who aren't wearing one. Tell them they're being immature.
    I'll be interested to hear their responses.
  20. LeedaleLodgeChik

    LeedaleLodgeChik Well-known Member

    i value my head, and everything inside it i ALWAYS wear a helmet when training horses.

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