Who wear a helmet?

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Cavalier, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Hot to Trot

    Hot to Trot New Member

    It would be SO nice not to wear a hat in the summer. But I have ridden for years and always wear hard hat.
    Just once I was out riding with a friend and after about half an hour she looked at me and said "where's your hat?" I was really glad to get back from the ride that day. It is weird that out of hundreds of rides one day you forget!

  2. cowgirl_in_disguise

    cowgirl_in_disguise Active Member

    Yeah i wish too But i would never ride without a helmet im too scared that ill fall off and hurt my self :(
  3. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    this is what can happen with a helmet on!

    My helmet is in 4 peices now, my doctors said that if i hadn't been wearing it i would be dead!

    Ican't encourage the use of them enough!
  4. Imperial

    Imperial Well-known Member

    holy cow crafty, what happened?
  5. CB Rider

    CB Rider Active Member

    I understand that you are all for wearing a helmet but are you also willing to pay these peoples hospital bills (head injuries aren't cheap to fix) with your tax because wearing a helmet while pretending your a crusty demon isn't cool????? I agree they should be compulsory (pushbikes are a bit diff though ... do those helmets even do anything)

    As for wearing a helmet while riding ... I've had the lovely (not) opportunity to witness a friend fall off and get kicked around in between her horses back legs. Not pretty, she wasn't wearing a helmet and yes she should've bought a lotto ticket.

    I was at an endurance ride ages ago when in the middle of the "admin shed" was a helmet on a pole with a story underneath it. The helmet was caked with blood and hair on the inside and it had hairline fractures all the way through it. The story was about how her "school master" horse spooked at a shadow and she fell off (long story very short). The final line to the story read - This could've been my skull ......

    I vote for LIFE not LIFE SUPPORT !!!!!!

    DAMN CRAFTY ... I hope you alright ... Glad you were wearing your helmet
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  6. BeccaBoo

    BeccaBoo Well-known Member

    CB Rider, you wont get a reply from Sparrow. They are no longer a member.

    Just to let people know, who havent realised -- this thread is 4 YEARS old. Started in 2004.
  7. banjo

    banjo Well-known Member

    quick story

    i always wear a helmet....:)* :)*

    a person i have resently met does wear one all the time cos "my horse never spooks or bolts" well the other day she was riding with a saddle on but no stirrups ,shorts,no shoes and no hat....as she was riding her non spooky horse he bolted and she fell off. as she hit the deck she landed in a paddock of double g's and had to walk back with no shoes.

    i had to laugh and told her someone upstairs is trying to teach you a lesson...she does'nt care:confused: :confused: and by the way she is a school teachers who i thought would know better......

    i won't ride with anyone who does'nt wear a helmet, i don't want to be the one who has to hold there head together when they have a accident...

    just giving my two cents worth.:))
  8. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    I've posted on here before but if anyone wants to hear the story of my friend back in the early 80's who was killed when her velvet helmet, the ones we use to wear back then, caved into and became part of her head you can PM me. ( I was with her at the time) I dont really think a lot of people think of the devastation it would cause your family and friends if it was you killed or seriously injured as you wouldnt have to deal with it they would.
  9. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    Never ending thread for a never ending issue
  10. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    I came of a green trail riding horse into a tree, basically stirrup leather broke at a spooked gallop!

    And it just goes to show, I have riden since I was 5 and have never experienced an accident like this. When I came too all I could see was blood and I thought I was going to die! Poor horse got spooked by another rider and I ended up left side into a tree! If you want to take the risk by not wearing a helmet that is your personal choice at the moment. I would not like to see anyone else's family go through what mine did for 2 weeks while they worked out if I would be able to walk again. I have two young children who didnt know if mum was guna be around at one stage. I thank god my mother always taught me to wear a helmet!

    I am riding again only this week as you know from previous thread and I am in a brand new helmet, body protector and the brace for my arm. I beleive if you have access to all these wonderfull things to protect you why not use them? Do you really want your family to suffer when you come off and become a paraplegic when a helmet could have prevented it?
  11. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    Well I'm glad this issue/thread doesnt go away. It is because of my girlfriends death that they changed the ruling about helmets at pony club.
  12. Lynda

    Lynda New Member

    Its funny that you always wear your hat, then the one day you forget and when you realise half way thru your ride, well you just dont feel safe any more and for me I cant wait to get off!!!! You know accidents happen with the quietest of horses and you can be hurt with or with out your helmet, but Id prefer to protect myself the best I can so Im all for wearing them.
  13. Rikki+Sasha

    Rikki+Sasha Active Member

    I don't have a choice anyway I have to wear a helmet but would not, not wear one anyway it's too dangerous and I like to jump so go figure lol
  14. little_welsh

    little_welsh Well-known Member

    the only time i don't wear a helmet is when i make my ponys halter into a 'Bridle' and ride him up my mum doesn't like it because it's very dangerous
  15. Born to Ride

    Born to Ride Well-known Member

    i always wear a helmet even when i am tacking up.

    but when my mum used to ride she used to get on and start walking off i would run to the tack room grab her helmet and say mum put it on :)hehe lol
  16. Katt13

    Katt13 Well-known Member

    I always wear a helmet even if its jst to ride down to the gate
    u never know what will happen!
  17. entreat

    entreat Active Member

    For all the western riders that prefer the 'look' of a hat...
    Products | Troxel Equestrian Helmets
    They ship to Australia too. :D

    I say 'look' because the hat must look important to you... not the look of your head after you've come off. Drop a pumpkin on the ground with force... that would be your skull.

    But hey - given that you probably won't remember much of life before the accident, you're not going to miss feeding yourself or wiping your own Butt are you?? Much less the shape your head *was* in.
  18. megan1

    megan1 New Member

    Well my parents always make me wear a helmet and if i dont im not allowed to go riding. All my friends wear helmets.
  19. blowin in the wind

    blowin in the wind New Member

    Interesting topic here as I now wear a helmet all the time, but my sister doesnt, we always get on her case. I run a trail business, no helmet no ride, As a kid i fell off with only one of those old velvet things on and was knocked unconcious.. enough to know i wanted a 'real' helmet. When I first started the trail rides, i never wore a helmet, and i even had a fall years ago where the doctor said if i had of been wearing my helmet it possibly would have bent my neck even further and caused possibly much worse damage, i came out lucky with just bad whip lash. But since becoming a mum, I never ride without one, and my daughter doesnt even want to be led if she hasnt got hers on.
    So i suppose its each to their own.
    Also noticed the irony in that the person who started this thread hasnt got a helmet on in their picture:p:)
  20. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    i only wear a helmet when im racing...yeah yeah, stupid i know but hey im not known for my intelligence*#)

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