Who wear a helmet?

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Cavalier, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Cavalier

    Cavalier Well-known Member

    Ever since I learnt to ride I was made aware of the importance of wearing a helmet...I think I have only ever ridden 3 times without a helmet in the past 10years, and I feel naked without it. I would just not risk riding without a helmet in the event of a fall, and considering even the most well trained and quiet horses are unpredictable due to the flight or fight instinct I think it is extremeley safe and responsible to wear a helmet no matter what horse you're on or what level of riding and experience you're at.

    I ask this question because my partner who has been on a horse since age 2 has NEVER worn a helmet and absolutely refuses to. He was bought up with the stupid idea that good riders don't need to wear helmets and he thinks it is 'poofy' for blokes to wear helmets.

    Even though someone we know is in the spinal injury unit in Sydney as we speak and they think he will be lucky to live life outside a wheel chair. This even has not opened his eyes to what can happen.

    I cannot understand where he is coming from and as of late we're having HUGE fights and debates...I think it is selfish of him to risk his life (potentially leaving me and his family to live without him) when there is a safety option available. Of course deaths and major injuries can occur even with a helmet but not as many as without.

    For those of you who don't wear helmets, what is your reason?
  2. armada

    armada New Member

    Alright, i will be the first to own up to the fact that i dont always wear a helmet. I know it is very naughty of me but growing up in the country for many years i didnt even own a helmet that fit me. I now own about 3 of them (all different sizes). I still find it hard to get into the habit of grabbing my helmet while i grab the rest of my tack. If i am working a new horse or breaking one in i will always wear my helmet but i tend to find that i will only remember when i am half way through the ride on my others. So yes i deserve a slap on the wrists for being so blatantly careless with my own safety. All i can say is that i will never do it again. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Honest!!
  3. finitey

    finitey Well-known Member

    I am definately with you on this one Cavalier. I have been around horses since I was 12 and have ALWAYS worn a helmet. I started off with riding lessons so thats where the good habits began and I have only ever jumped on once or twice without one and felt completely unsafe and insecure. I even wear a helmet when lunging my horse just coz I feel bare without one. I guess each to there own (its your safety after all) but I have taken many falls in my years of riding and although none have been really serious I am definately glad my helmet was on!!!
  4. Belinda

    Belinda Well-known Member

    I NEVER hop on a horse without a helmet, nor will I let anyone else hop on my horse without one. Simply not worth the risk. This is something I feel very strongly about after being bucked off a riding school horse and knocking myself out and getting concussion, then stupidly driving home and managing to cause a minor accident on the way due to my grogginess!!! And I WAS wearing a helmet, so imagine what might have happened if I wasn't.

  5. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    i always wear a helemet (except when on the cattle station last year - your not allowed up there unless a really poor rider and then you generally dont ride any way, cause of the heat stress issue, have to wear a broad brim hat.

    My best friend will not where a helmet, no matter what, claims she falls of when she does. Stacked it last year at my place and her horse stepped on her - torn kidney and cracked vertabre etc. Still wont wear a helmet. I am just so thankful it wasn't her head. Had enough probs getting an ambo with what happened.

  6. Denny

    Denny Well-known Member

    Arms and legs can be fixed when broken, or I can live with only one - but I've only got ONE head - and if that breaks - I'm DEAD...

    I too feel naked without my helmet.....

    Cavalier - Sorry to hear about your friend - I wish them a speedy recovery.
  7. Belinda

    Belinda Well-known Member

    Finitey, thats a good point that you make about wearing your helmet when lunging your horse. It often occurs to me when loading a horse onto a float, or even just handling them generally, that a helmet might be a good idea. They are just so unpredictable and you never know what can happen. You might get kicked in the head while picking out feet. You horse might get a fright, knock you over and accidentally kick you in the head as they run off. Probably will never happen to you, but who knows?

  8. ashka

    ashka Well-known Member

    I am obsessive about wearing a helmet, but geez, I'd feel really stupid wearing one just to lunge in. I'm not debating that it might be a valid idea, but where do you draw the line - wearing a helmet to turn your horse out in the paddock?

    I got kicked in the stomach last year (my own stupidity) and that reminded me to be more careful around the horses ... I think we all need to be mindful of the risks involved, but if I was too safety concious I don't think I'd be riding anymore!
  9. Sparrow

    Sparrow Guest

    Helmets on horses? helmets on motorbikes ? helmets on pushbikes ? helmets on skateboards ?

    Playing with horses can be dangerous and you can be injured by falling off or be injured whilst on the ground working with your horse. So we have to accept some responsibility for our actions & do what we can to prevent potentially serious injury.

    I get really p#**@d off when other people legislate to make things compulsory. I am against legislation to make helmet wearing mandatory and feel it is up to the individual to make up their own mind whether to wear or not wear.

    If people don't want to wear a helmet it should be thier choice, so when they come a gutsa off their horse, motorbike or whatever and get head injured we should respect their decision and provide them with the same level of care as they applied to preventing the injury in the first place.

    Having said that I promote helmet wearing here, I wear one, so does the boss & our kids aren't allowed to even think about riding their pony, push bike, motorbike or skate board without wearing one. I actually don't feel safe without one but the guy who is my mentor wears an Akubra for protection, allways has & allways will I suppose !!!

    Cavalier, you are probably not ever going to change his mind as he is from the old school and unlikely to start wearing a poofy helmet. Hey he's made this far okay hasn't he ??? Anyway, you can lead a horse to water but ......... Have you ever seen a guy do something that they are opposed to unless it is their idea to change ........ think about a bit of reverse psychology .........

    "Appaloosa's aren't mad, it's just their owners"
  10. finitey

    finitey Well-known Member

    Lunging whilst wearing a helmet may seem strange but I know lots of people that wear one when lunging. Its just an extra safety precaution. I guess I also forgot to mention that I lunge prior to riding for about 5-10 min to supply the horse so it makes sense to already have yourt helmet on! Oh and so you know I don't wear a helmet to let out my horse....LOL
  11. Veronika

    Veronika Active Member

    If this girl had worn a helmet when she turned her pony out to the paddock, she would be alive today! Scary, but true story. This girl (young teenager) forgot to yield her pony's head to her before taking the halter off. Hence when she did, the pony bowled her over and she received fatal head injuries...

    I've had two nasty falls in my life, each could have been much worse if I hadn't been wearing a helmet. The last one actually cracked the helmet I was wearing and gave me whiplash! On that ride, Barney suddenly saw a gremlin in the short grass...

    Always wear a helmet, always ...
    I've just bought a new one with great big vents for greater comfort in summer.

    Hi Nikiwink, I think there might soon be a change in culture up in the cattle stations, too. There's currently a case in front of the workers compensation board dealing with a young person who fell off a horse and sustained serious injury on a cattle station in the Kimberley. Duty of care and all that. There are acubra-like hats out now hat are helmets to deal with this issue. Have only seen pictures of them as yet. Wonder how comfortable they are?
  12. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    I always wear a helmet, i feel so bare and unsafe without one.

    The one time I didnt wear a helmet, whilst schooling my mare in my arena (when i was 15), one of the mums from pony club saw me and commented. I felt really guilty and never forgot that day.

    I must admit that I dont when lunging a horse, altho it should be the done thing and is taught so at pony club etc.


    *Keep Smiling*
  13. TB4Me

    TB4Me Well-known Member

    I always always wear one, I feel completely naked without one. I was once riding my horse in an arena when without warning he slipped over and fell on his side, only going at a sedate canter. I bopped my head and with a helmet it wasn't serious, without I hate to think. And no amount of good riding would have prevented that accident. As for people who say it's personal choice, well it's not my personal choice when my insurance premiums go up because some fool wasn't wearing a helmet, got injured and needed treatment. It's not the personal choice of your family to worry about you when you ride without one or to look after you should you injure yourself either...
  14. chavi

    chavi Well-known Member

    I drove past a local riding school yesterday and there were kids (looked about 12 or so, not any older anyway) riding without helmets! OMG! I had to slow down and take a second look just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Disgusting for a riding school, although from other rumours I have heard about this place it shouldn't suprise me.

    I've gone without a helmet only a few times before, haven't had anything go wrong but I'm certainly not going to risk the one time it will go wrong! My first few times riding were western style in the US going back 11 years, so no helmets then, but these horses were the epitomy of bombproof too!

    - Danielle
  15. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    i will probably never where a helmet when just handling my horses but having said that my old gelding gave my mum a concussion a few weeks ago when she was feeding him.

    she was bending down to mix his fed and he came forward to eat (we have rule about how they get fed and lucky broke it but mum didn't notice him).As she came up, his head went down and collision. Put mum on her butt seeing stars and lucky was given a good fright and was shaking his head a lot -so he probably got a bit a of a bump too.
    So maybe it's not a bad idea to where a helmet more often.

  16. beau

    beau Well-known Member

    I agree with everyone that helmets should be compulsory! I feel naked when riding without a helmet and although you might laugh, i always put my helmet on before i put the bridle on my 17hh horse! I've been whacked in the head by his cheekbones one too many times so i'm happy to look like an idiot when i tack him up these days!

    At the same time i'm no angel as i dont think twice about jumping on my games pony in the paddock (bareback i might add) and having a hoon without my helmet on! I know its bad but i guess i think i'm closer to the ground even though i know i can still get hurt! When i get kids out to have pony rides they have to wear a helmet and if our agisters dont want to wear one they are not allowed to mount on our property - they have to leave before getting on without a helmet!

    What are peoples thoughts about wearing helmets that are not of the current safety standard when riding at home (ie older style helmets)....are we still covered by insurance if we do have an accident??


    Artificial intelligence will never be a match for natural stupidity!
  17. Nikiwink

    Nikiwink Well-known Member

    I dont think you would be filly girl - but it would probably depend on the type of insurance or if efa insurance etc.


    I WANNA HORSE New Member

    No matter what i allways put on a helmet even when i once fell off while juping(the horse refused) and he stirrup came up and hit me in the head luckly i was wearing a helmet but even after when the stirup hit my helmet i had a really ba head ache and felt dissy i would have been alot worse if i wasnt wearing a helmet!!

  19. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I always, ride with a helmet altho when I ride little Dolly (12hh) I saughta "forget" my helmet. Other wise that thing is glued to my head. When I'd lunge my old horse (Cabbage) I'd wear a helmet because she was a chronic rearer, otherwise now i dont' wear one when lunging. Having a helmet has definently saved me at the worst of times. Altho a blow to my head gives me an imediate migrain...


    ~All time is wasted what is not spent with horses.~
  20. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    I have only ridden without a helmet Twice, noting happened to me luckily,(both times were diffrent horses, and not my horse) and the only other time i ride without a helmet is when i ride pepper bare back, just walking down to the lunge yard, diffrent paddok or down to neer the house to wash him and in his paddok. i know he could spook at anytime, but i do get off as soon as my friends tb comes neer us because you never know what mood hes in, he likes to play and follow


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