Who use what when floating?

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Salinero, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Salinero

    Salinero Well-known Member

    Just out of curiosity, what does people use when floating? Float boots, bandages or nothing at all?
    I've stopped using float boots as they tend to slip no matter how firm I put them on or what size or shape. My girl can scramble at times and noticed this does not benefit the situation. At moment I float with nothing on her. But still would like to protect her legs. What are peoples thoughts on legprotection as far as floating?
  2. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Lately I've only been using boots on longer journeys. On my new boy I've been using a tail wrap or bandage as he seems to like sitting on the bum bar and I don't want his tail rubbed out. But most times on just short trips its nothing at all. If you do have a horse that shifts around alot though the extra 5 mins spent putting on boots and a tail bandage can save you injuries.
  3. fitgirl

    fitgirl Active Member

    All I do is put a tail bandage on mine but my boys float like a dream..the only time I use float boots is if I go to a show but thats really only to try and keep their legs clean..silver is a bit of a pooper..fortunatley mine dont scramble.

    if the boots are slipping and you still want some protection there maybe bandages would be better??
    do you float without a divider? thats always helped a bit for scramblers, give them a bit more room to spread their legs and balance themselves....
  4. Salinero

    Salinero Well-known Member

    Yeah I do move the divider. My mare had a bad accident a while back. We kept up the float training and she floats better and better for each time. It has been a huge improvement in her. :)* But she is more comfortable with the divider to the side when alone in the float. With company it doesn't matter. Will consider using bandages instead for longer trips. Would bellboots be safe to use as added protection?
  5. fitgirl

    fitgirl Active Member

    not sure what others think but I dont see why you couldnt use bell boots too, well there's no harm in putting them on and seeing how you go .... :D
    Glad you mare is improving with the floating too, yep divider out or moved over.. at least she is good with another horse on board..
  6. weezal

    weezal New Member

    I used to use float boots but they would always slip before my boy even got on the float (bit of a problem floater so did a bit of running about beforehand) so now I use banadages and bell boots on all four legs. Find them much more secure as long as they are done well.

    If float boots distress the horse I would even maybe suggest just excercise boots like the wrap around ones maybe with bell boots. Won't protect a largeish area but would protect fairly well if they tend to step on themselves a bit.
  7. i throw the rope over his neck and he walks on LOL
    naked legs and all..
    he has a rug on if ive washed him for a show..
    but no boots.
    and only bandaged when ive washed his legs *they are all white to the knees :eek: *
    I only boot him if the horse next to him isnt a very good floater :)
  8. Jonty3

    Jonty3 Guest

    I have two horses that now travel with no boots or anything, due to them being 100% in the float (my new float)
  9. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    I too don't boot or bandage on the float. It is a newish float with nice ramp and he walks on and off cleanly and travels well.
    I prefer him to be comfortable and ease of quick load and unload is another attraction :p

    Edit to add - removing any poos before unloading is a good measure against slipping when backing off - funny how many people don't think of this!
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  10. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    Buckley i will float with nothing on, he is so balanced and happy in the float. Quiz I put boots on (sunset ones that were modified to cover knees... They are OK but not 100% awesome) and tail bandage. If 2 horses than both wear boots and bell boots.
    Must say there is a shortage of decent boots around - most of them are way too bulky, slip, velcro in wrong places and wrong length, and shaped by someone who has never seen a horse's leg!
  11. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Nothing - specificallyl if its long distance.

    When I lived in Perth I booted up.

    If I'm floating with another horse it'll cross my mind lol.
  12. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    I have only had problems with boots so don't use them, despite owing three good sets.

    Yesterday I thought I would do right thing and use them on my young one and bloomin eck had skin off up above the hocks from scrabbling so much with them whereas she normally stands calmly, so won't do that again.

    If I am going any real distance I always use pads and bandages.
  13. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    i never heard of float boots till i came onto the 'riding horse' scene, in all the pacers mum and dad had and various other trainers (gallopers and trotters) that i have worked for none ever used float boots. and some would come to kalg on horse trucks.

    i did bring billy home with float boots on and used them for a bit but old habits came back in and he doesnt wear them, i might put them on if hes gotta to stay clean but thats rare.

    i havnt had a problem even when he floated with another horse.

    but he does wear a fly veil due to the roof being removed :) cant have bugs n stuff getting in his eyes :)
  14. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    I use weatherbeta full length float/truck boots, they go up to his hock and knees, as long as i do them up really tight they dont slip, He never used to scramble, we just got them as a precaution, but since we went from floating him in an angle back to a strait load, he needs them, hes mostly stopped doing it now, but i do have to drive like a nanna
  15. Jaana

    Jaana Well-known Member

    Bandages and Pads with bell boots.
    I have boots but they always slipped and Tally would slip, not worth it.
  16. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    with libby it was very rare that she didnt wear boots.

    with skye atm ive not bothered but i think i will start as i do like using boots and a tail bandage because her tails looking a bit like a toilet brush atm
  17. maxntaz

    maxntaz Well-known Member

    occassionally i use float boots, but not all the time. When its 45 degree's and Im floating a horse i feel very nasty putting anything on them at all..I dont want there legs to sweat, from the boots or anything. I generally wrap taz's tail though as he rubs his tail as the float is almost too small for him. Other than that they go nakid...
  18. SexyRitzy

    SexyRitzy Well-known Member

    In the US when the horses went on to the big truck we bandaged with padding.

    Now i don't bother putting anything on my horse when he is floated. He's good in the float, sometimes i put on his jumping boots but thats more to save time for when i get there. :p
  19. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    Float boots if travelling with someone else. Otherwise nothing.
  20. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    I float boot my big girl, she is good with them, they don't slip etc so for her its better to be safe.

    My little girl is a bit finer, so boots slip a bit more on her, I don't bother - probably will when she floats more in company.

    No rugs, no tail wraps etc

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