Who saw my horse on 4 wedding? (the T.V show)

Discussion in 'News Items' started by karleee, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. karleee

    karleee New Member

    Spud was on 4 wedding at tamika's wedding at harvy dicksons.He was only on for about 5 seconds,because dad was riding him down the isle next to tamika **)

    He was the silver bay chestnut with the flaxen mane and tail ;)
  2. cisco kristy

    cisco kristy Well-known Member

    nop sorry missed it
  3. karleee

    karleee New Member

    it was in june i think :)))
  4. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    I think I remember :D I saw that episode. Your horse is famous! :p
  5. karleee

    karleee New Member

    haha,yeah lol...maybe i could put his hoof in some paint,then onto paper an sell it for 500 dollars :p
  6. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    Hey Karlee, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!, you should've doubled. He sounds Like a beautiful horse.!;)

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