Who rides with an Exercise Sheet?

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Beauvelour, May 2, 2012.

  1. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    This morning when I rode Bangas it was 8 degrees - I felt so nasty taking his rugs off and putting a cold saddle blanket and saddle on. Am curious to see who rides with an exercise sheet? Are they worth it? Or is it just another thing that makes us feel better and the horses don't really need it?
  2. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    Just another thing that makes us feel better, and the horse does not need it (in WA I am talking).

    Also, unless you leave it on overnight, it will also be cold when you put it on him in the morning.

    If he is clipped and it is windy or bitterly cold, then I would consider it. Can you alter the riding time in winter. Any chance of starting work earlier and finishing earlier so you can ride at a decent time?
  3. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    Thanks deb, thats what I was thinking, then do you take it off by the time that you have warmed up?? oh well nice to know i will be saving money there lol
  4. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    Nope not us. We still swim horses in the middle of winter, that includes us getting in the water with them. If they survive this they can survive working in the early morning cold too. But they are rugged after each workout.
  5. SexyRitzy

    SexyRitzy Well-known Member

    I have one I rarely use. It actually comes in handy once they are clipped in winter after you unsaddle. I throw it over so they don't get a chill LOL

    Mine is one you put under the saddle so no way of taking it off once your on. I *might* invest in one of those ones you can take off easily. *#)
  6. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    Nope they dont need it. Just another thing to spend money on. We tend to over-rug in Australia all the time. If you warm up properly then his muscles will be warm in about ten minutes :)
  7. Evered

    Evered Well-known Member

    I don't. Fully clipped horses, in the rain, etc. They don't need it. They warm up in no time if you keep moving - I have never had an issue with them being cold, I think you would find you would have to stop and take it off pretty soon after starting your ride!
  8. Mater

    Mater Well-known Member

    It's nowhere near cold enough for them to need it. I figure if I am going to go for a run in shorts and t-shirt because I know I'll warm up, then the same goes for a horse.
  9. JellyBelly

    JellyBelly Active Member

    wow i must be the only person who uses one, my ponies are rugged to the eyeballs in winter! but i only use one on those rainy, windy, cold days. i bandage aswell thinking its warmer than boots, probably not but makes me feel better about making them work in terrible weather haha
  10. TB4Me

    TB4Me Well-known Member

    Used to have one, really useful for nights when it's raining lightly so the horses back doesn't get wet and cold. Especially if the horse is clipped.
  11. Erin

    Erin Well-known Member

    8 isnt cold!!! lol Try being in Victoria's high country! :)
  12. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    I always use one if the horse was rugged prior to riding. ****ETA. Sorry - I only rug in winter.......I forgot people rug other times of the year as well.******

    I prefer a transitional warmth of the sacral area......for the similar reason athletes warm up in more clothing than they perform in.......

    These days I dont rug....so it sits in the corner attracting mice :p
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  13. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    I use mine in winter, as I need to ride at night due to work. I don't like bringing him in soaking wet from the rain then having to dry him off before putting him to bed. Especially as around dinner time he gets a little narky and I would rather not pick fights with him. The sheet keeps his bum dry and makes it quicker for me to get him unsaddled and munching on his dinner.... Oh and I will use it on trail rides in winter too, to make the both of us more visible (I should point out that it's Fluro pink hi vis gear) I have a lot of hi vis, boots, tail wrap, breastplate, vest for myself.... as I would hate for something to happen to either of us because someone didn't see us. You hear so many horror stories of horses and riders being hit by cars, anything I can do to lessen the chances of it happening, I am gonna do :)
  14. realalvin

    realalvin New Member

    I only use mine on those rainy,cold days. i think it is good. If you don't want to waste your money, buy a cheaper one, like Harrison Howard or Bucas.

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