Who feeds very simply?

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Tam, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    I have previously made the mistake of feeding lots of different hard feed/ supplements etc to my horses, often still without getting the condition results i am after. My mare now is getting fed very simply and it seems to be unusual- so many supplements, herbs, feeding additions etc.

    So do you feed simply? What do you think is a simple feed? What supplements could your horse not go without? How much and what type of hay do you feed? What kind of pasture does your horse have?

    My mare is 20 years old, in moderate work, has grass 24/7 plus ad lib hay and as her work has recently increases has started getting Nutri rice Veteran, small amount of Speedibeet and Muscle XL.
  2. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    I don't have a horse atm, but when I do I'm going to have his diet veryyy simple (providing he likes lupins :p ) Ad lib hay, speedibeet, lupins, and vit/min. :D
    I can't believe the combinations of food some people have, even for show horses, paying like $80 a week to feed one horse :/
  3. Jaana

    Jaana Well-known Member

    Sounds good Tam, i would include a good vitamen/mineral mix and you should be fine.
    Perhaps as you increase her work maybe include barley or lupins for that little bit extra.
    Gumnuts are great for older horses as well.
  4. Dashbabe

    Dashbabe Well-known Member

    I think my horses hard feeds are pretty simple...lucerne chaff, pony cubes, oats, lupins. supps are FFS, Celary, sometimes garlic, biotin and canola. He also gets oaten hay off the roll into his paddock, amount is according to what paddock they are in
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  5. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    Jaana, i believe the nutririce veteran is complete anyway? Believe me, she does not need ANY extra energy, lol. I rode her yesterday after 4 days off and for the first 20 minutes i wish i had lunged her first!! : )

    I was deciding between Gumnuts (or Economix as her teeth are fine) and the Veteran and went with the Veteran so if she needs more, could i just increase the Veteran rather than add Gumnuts? Trying to keep it simple!
  6. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    My horses all get oaten and lucerne chaff and Pegasus Studmaster with the amounts just tweaked depending on age and body score. Then the youngsters and broodies get Kohnkes Own Cell Grow since they are usually on the recommended amount of Studmaster. Those horses who need a top up get some flakes lupins. They also all get home grown oaten hay when they don't have enough pasture for roughage which is a lot of the time :(

    Diva, my main riding and competition horse, also gets Chia and Mag-E. Chia for coat and joints and Mag-E as it helps her stress less :)

    So I would say mine get a simple feed although Diva's is a tad more complicated in order to cover specific needs :)
  7. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    My rising four year old filly gets ab-lib oaten hay (as there is no decent grass in her 8 acre paddock) and one small feed at night consisting of one cup of weaner and grower pellets and half a 20 litre bucket of shandy chaff (which is lucerne/oaten chaff mix) and minerals. Thats it! She has the best shine on her coat.....


    You cant really see the shine in this pic, but you can see she has plenty of condition on her.

    In winter if her condition drops she gets her pellets increased and rolled lupins added. Next bag of pellets I buy will be horse maintanence.

    edited to say you can see her shine in my avatar piccie.
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  8. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    my horses are agisted on kykuyu paddocks. pretty ordinary sort of grazing, but better than nothing. both feed oaten hay, tho i also double up with good meadow hay from my parents.

    big horse is on chaff, lucerne, maintenance pony cubes & canola meal (have just made the switch from FFS) & brewer's yeast

    little horse is on lucerne, sweet bulk, a handful of maintenance pc & canola.

    both also get - whey powder & Equimin. i think that's pretty simple. hay increased/decreased, as is lucerne & the protein meal depending on condition.
  9. shelllouise19

    shelllouise19 Active Member

    I feed Hay, oaten and lucerne chaff, Hygain Ice, NutriRice (needed weight), whey powder and fenugreek. I will be using a vit&min as soon as I find out where I put it! ICE was the only thing that kept her brain intact!

    Horses are foragers give them lots of fiber and they will be happy.
  10. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    o debbbbbbbbbbbb, i LOVE YOUR PONY so much. favourite stockies pony ever!:)*
  11. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    Ad lib oaten hay roll and a scoop of lucerne chaff to put vit/min pellets in. Pasture would be ideal, but while it grows they can only pick an hour a day at some sad couch I am trying to keep alive. I feel that they should get to eat some live vegetation or something green each day.

    If your mare is 20, and her teeth are in order, could you start the simplest with hay, chaff and supplements, then add grains etc as dictated by her condition and workload? Her requirements will always change according to work, season and state of the pasture, so learning how to gauge and alter her requirements will be handy.
  12. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    Blitttttttttzzzzzzzzzzzzzzennn, :)* THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying that...she is as sweet in nature as she looks....a real honey!:)*
  13. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    Good to know there are lots of horses that can do well on simple feeds.

    I don't think my mare needs anything else at the moment, she is looking well generally. While i used to think i would like her to be rounder, i don't think her conformation and build will ever have her looking like some other horses (with their big apple type round bums!) so i am happy for her to be the way she is at the moment.

    Deb2 your horse is lovely- do you have any other pics? What breed is she?
  14. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    O, Tam, dont get me started!:D.......do I have more pics....let me see....






    Hows that? Enough????

    Shilo is a mixed breed horse. Dam was appyXstockhorse and Sire was paint (with possibly some QH)

  15. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Hay roll only and if in work fed grains only NO pellets or chaff. Works for me!
  16. Debonair

    Debonair Well-known Member

    well, mine are complicated as 3 horses in same paddock needing 3 different feeds! my paddock is bare...

    Abbey is 16yrold on oaten hay 2 x day and 1 feed with scoop lucern, scoop oaten, and when worked couple handfulls barley... and cell vital... she is FAT!!!
    and clancy i think is good weight, but as he is just being started want to keep him at the good weight... hes on double the oaten hay ab is, and hard feed once or twice a day 1 scoop lucern chaff, 2 scoops oaten, half scoop sweetmax ( or coolmax as got these 2 bags cheap!) little bit of cell vital.

    Chip i am tryin to get a tad more weight on, and he cant have any grain, so hes on meadow hay, half bale a day, and one to two biscuits lucern a day, plus couple cups full hygain zero. cellvital and aloe juice..

    i think all my feeds are simple... as separate entities! but trying to keep em all separated at meal time is damn hard!
  17. Cadabby

    Cadabby Well-known Member

    Hay, oaten chaff and Easy Mix Pellets (the vit/min pellet which is in the horse museli my mum's work makes - they are a stockfeeder). You only need to feed a very small amount of EMP (I think it's 200g?) to give them all their daily vit/min requirements with no extras like you would get in the museli.

    Just those 3 things plus Pat Coleby minerals and Abby looks like this...


    I think simple feeds in general use only grains like barley or oats, or legumes like lupins. Plus, of course, lots of roughage. I wouldn't necessarily call my feed simple because it does have a manufactured product in it, but it does only have a few things, so it could be considered simple. ;)

    ETA: Deb, Shi is looking fantastic!!
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  18. WildandFree

    WildandFree Well-known Member

    i do they on a 50a paddock and get a hay roll every 3 weeks the hay roll is HUGE and its meadow hay very very good quality as thats all my gelding can have or hes like a ADHD pony

    when fed they get chaff and pony cubes and thats it and it only after work which is a 1-2hr trail ride and its a 1 scoop of pony cubes and 2 chaff

    this is my gelding


    and this is my mare

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  19. Jaana

    Jaana Well-known Member

    If its a complete feed then great :) I haven't looked at nutririce veteran as I haven't needed it. Are you feeding it at recommended amounts though which is the only way she will be getting the correct amount of vit/mins.
  20. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    It is still being introduced so not quite at the recommended as yet but getting there. :)

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