Who feeds parafin oil in feeds?

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Golden Biscuit, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    Does anyone do it as a preventative? And how have you found it- opinions?? With my baby prone to colic, every 6 months to the day and hour, he suggested i give him 1/2 cup in his feed twice a week. He seems to be in great spirits and has helped his skin (he used to have dry skin) But hopefully it will stop him colicing...
  2. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    *puts hand up* me, i only do it once every 6 months just to give them a flush out, Tom and Shaz just eat it as normal, Milos a bit more pickier but does eat all of it.

    I usually find for the ponies i give them 1- 1.5L each and it suits a 20L bucket feed, her 2-3L into a 30-40L bucket feed, i like to have it so its still wet but not too wet as they wont eat it, i also give them molasses and carrots in it to make it better, i usually just use straight chaff aswell and i find it best to feed at night if they are in a yard as you only give them that (no other feed) and it will be gone by morning.

    Also to add, dont put it into your feed buckets as it will make them WAY to oily, i usually grab their actual feed bins and mix straight into that.

    Also again, if i see they are looking slightly colicy- as in slighty off with a tummy ache not proper colic i give them a dose in their feeds and they are fine. Mine used to colic atleast once every yr before this.
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  3. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    Oh thats interesting sarah. So for Bik would i give about the same as u give tom? Like 1-1.5L? Mine dont seem to mind it at all which is good cos i though tthey may be fussy lol, have you found that it works?
  4. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    Yep Defo works havent *touch wood* had a blown out colic since, i wouldnt personally go over 1.5L for Bik as when i first started doing it (a previously agistment owner used to do all of hers like that) she said just them all 2L they'll be right, the bigger 2 were (shaz and my other horse then) but Tom ended up THEN with a tummy ache!!
  5. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    Parrafin oil is only for tube drenching. This is the only effective delivery system.**)

    What 500kg horse wud happily ingest the required 4L of parrafin in his feed?? Come on!!:confused:
  6. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    Lol i wouldnt! But i only have a pony- it was my vet that recommended this treatment and he is one of he top equine vets in WA :)
  7. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    My Mini and Donkey very happily woofed 5litres of parrafin mixed into a bucket of chaff only a few weeks ago.
    I do this every six months or so...
    Not always sure how effective it is, but certainly dont have any problem with them eating it.
  8. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    Mine...thats what i just said, Shaz is a qh x tb who digs into it like you wouldnt believe with much more enthusiasm to her regular feed. Since i started doing this in 2004 i have only had 1 full blown out colic with each and that was when i missed doing a paraffin in feed so my fault.
  9. Kintara

    Kintara Well-known Member

    I certainly wouldn't do it regulary, I've heard it said done too often can effect the absorbtion of vitamins/minerals in the gut? For me twice a week would be way too much. Every 6 months sounds ok. If you had to do something that often can't you try physillium husks or something maybe?

  10. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    I feed psyllium every month for 5 days**)

    Something I just found (which is what I had always been led to believe)
    Quote: Paraffin oil has a lubricating action in assisting the removal of an impacted feed mass. However, it is less effective in removing sand, even when drenched at 1 litre/100kg bodyweight, as compared to pysllium husk at 100g/100kg body weight is a single dose.
  11. Mocha

    Mocha Well-known Member

    I got told Parrafin oil strips the gut. I sure as hell wouldn't be feeding it often. Wouldn't they get bad tummy aches?
    I use pysllium husk. **)
  12. proud_equestrian

    proud_equestrian Active Member

    Paraffin Oil... I cant quite get my head round that one! Feeding it to my pony... I am in NO way saying its wrong etc etc as I have never tried it... nor heard/researched much into it- but being a beauty therapist.... we use the stuff in pedicures and manicures... says not in ingest... ??? It STINKS too (PONG)....

    I can understand the pysllium husk though! (Can someone enlighten me on this sunbect...)
  13. Boo's Eclipse

    Boo's Eclipse Well-known Member

    A Paraffin oil drench (1L - 100kg) has never failed me for a bout of colic, along with walking 20mins in every hour.

    I would be concerned about feeding it regularly though... (just my opinion)

    Not sure about the physillium husk theory??? Haven't really heard much about it or know anyone who feeds it, I do have a colic prone horse but, so would be interested to learn more...
    Where do you get it from??
  14. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    You can get psyllium from most stockfeeders, I buy mine from Woollies in the health food section, I find it works out cheaper per kg**)
  15. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    I dont want this thread to turn ito an arguement- but we did feed psyllium for a yr and a half- in that time flight had colic twice and bik once, when he was drenched alot of sand came out so in my opinion waist of time and money... Im sure that parafin cant be harmful or my vet wouldnt have recommended it... And it has no smell or taste and they dont mind it :) As for the vit/ min thing, there both getting all the right vits and mins and they've never looked better so i doubt that is true :D
  16. Janet

    Janet Guest

    sorry but I feed my 580kg horse 4L every 3 months and she licks her feed bin clean. I do it into 2 feeds night and a morning. Never a scap left :)
    I also add epsom salts to draw water into the gut as suggested by the vet.
    If your horse will happily eat it then what is the difference? I hate seeing a horse tubed.
    we are in Wanneroo hence sand colic is a major concern around here.
  17. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    Same! Were in barragup so bad sand here too- i also hate tubing and hate seeing them in pain- i monitor them very closely and with the oil they've never seemed to have a 'belly ache' im just wondering if it would be better doing it little twice a week- im talking half of a cup- or every few months? What do you think??
  18. frisospilgrim

    frisospilgrim New Member

    yeh you prob shouldnt feed parafin oil in his feed. the physlium husks every could be a better alternative... plus its not so smellyyyy
  19. Golden Biscuit

    Golden Biscuit Well-known Member

    not sure what oil you guys are using but parafin oil used to drench is colour, odour and flavour free, they dont even no its in there and phsylium husks dont work for me#(
  20. miniequine

    miniequine Well-known Member

    I have been feeding paraffin once a week for my minis 1/2 a litre per horse per feed and didn't have a colic till this year, my vet said he hasn't seen me for two yrs. Even tho they scoff it down I am now feeding once a fortnight as it, like every thing else has gone up in price lots. I read all the latest opinions on colic and treatment and really am a fence sitter as to it's success[ paraffin] in treating colic but having no colic for two years I am not game to stop. I also do what I can to make less sand like cut up carrots into bite size pieces etc. very hard for us in WA the sandy state. jmo.

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