White hair on Withers?

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Jessica0368, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Jessica0368

    Jessica0368 Well-known Member

    I noticed today that Taz has two white patches of hair just underneath his withers. I thought this was caused by the saddle not fitting properly? Is this a reason for it? If it is i have have the saddle fitted and had his back checked 2 weeks ago and got the lady to double check the saddle and she said that everything looks fine. I've not noticed these before, and if its not the saddle what else could cause it?
  2. Oldhack77

    Oldhack77 Gold Member

    White hair would indicate at some stage he has had a bad fitting saddle... not necessarily now... how long have you had him?
  3. Jessica0368

    Jessica0368 Well-known Member

    coming up 8 months, 7 and a half or round abouts.
  4. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    Could also be a rug rubbing him, may be worth getting a second opinion about the saddle
  5. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    It can take a while for white spots to show up. Sometimes it can take up to a year.

    I would get your saddle double checked, there are alot of dodgy saddle fitters out there. I would go see Gary from Byford, if I had a treed saddle he's the only fitter I would consider **)
  6. proud mum

    proud mum Well-known Member

    Our chestnut has white hairs on his wither area from a very bad fitting rug from before we had him. I have seen the hair grow back the same from people putting on a badly fitting saddle on their horses as well, some poor horses have been rubbed raw or ended up with a nasty ulcer like wound. It proved to me that if you dont know about saddle fitting then you always get a professional in to do it.
    We have always used Garry as well and he has always been great and we have never had a problem.
  7. Jessica0368

    Jessica0368 Well-known Member

    I will get his saddle double checked, and he has a skye park rug on at night and a cotton on during the day most days. They both seem to fit well. You cant actually see the white when the hair is lying flat but i was brushing him and about half of the hair from the root up is white??
  8. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    It can also be caused from over heating then cooling down to quick eg washing your horse after a hard ride and excessive sweating, hot to cold to quick causes scalding a bit like a freeze brand.

    One reason I never wash my horse after a hard ride now, just let her dry then brush her:)

  9. Oldhack77

    Oldhack77 Gold Member

    Wow..... never even considered that happening...... see why we need your wisdom here **) **)
  10. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    Hmmm.......withers are a very specific area to have white hairs grow!!! Typically indicating the saddle is pinching and too narrow thru the gullet.:mad:

    Perhaps get another saddle fitter out for a second fitting and opinion. You could well get drilled because the saddle is making the horse sore.:confused: :))
  11. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    does it look like this at all?

    this pic is just after we bought this mare and it was caused due to a badly fitting saddle and is on both sides of her wither.

  12. celestialdancer

    celestialdancer Gold Member

    SSB, Rocky has that too from when he was in a riding school. :)

    i am no help sorry.

    Janet, that is really interesting. So how long do you recommend to wash a horse after a hard work-out - if you are washing for a show etc :confused:

    sorry to hi-jack :)
  13. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    Hi to be honest I don’t wash my horse, I was hosing down and that was something I never used to do, but thought it easer after long riding in hot weather then I noticed a lot of white hair on both sides of her withers not all the hairs and also at the back of were the saddle sits. I have since clipped her and the white has gone.

    I was talking to a friend who just got back from a packhorse trek and he had the problems and also stopped washing.

    Often the saddle fits fine but when you add a saddle blanket, then the rider it is like a 3 way friction and the wither gets most of that, also synthetics often cause severe scalding and over heating.

    I never wash my saddle blanket or girth in detergent just water and now only use cotton or wool.:)

    Cheers Janet:)
  14. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Interesting philosphy Janet but if what you are saying has any truth then why is the first aid treatment for a "burn" application of cool running water to the area for 10 minutes to reduce the extent of damage? I would have thought the opposite could be argued that cooling the saddle area after a ride might actually be beneficial! A freeze brand damages hair follicles because it has a temperature of approximately -150 degrees C, poor old tap water is an average of +20 degrees C. Footballers jump into ice baths after a game to aid their recovery.....hmmm dont see many footballers running around with grey hair?? :)

    I think you will find it is the pressure created by a saddle that is the cause of the damage.
  15. Jessica0368

    Jessica0368 Well-known Member

    wow thats very interesting i would never have thought about that. Thankyou.
  16. Jessica0368

    Jessica0368 Well-known Member

    yep thats where the white is coming through. I will take a photo of it when i see him tonight. Another question does the white go away or is it now there for ever?

    also does anyone have gary's number?
  17. supersezabell

    supersezabell Well-known Member

    Unfortunately once its there its there forever, sorry i dont have Gary's current number but do recommend him as hes fitted all ours perfectly.
  18. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Gee that's a nasty patch Supersezabel :( . Poor pony. Ted has a couple of old ones but none that size. Must've been a shocker of a saddle.

    Good on you for getting it fitted and doing the right thing **)
  19. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    Oh well it must be B#####t all those years working in Hunting Stables in England, all the time they were telling me B#####t when I was never aloud to wash down the horses after a days hunting, gosh to think of the hours I spent scraping mud over an inch thick, when I could just hosed them in ice cold water Bugger:(

    Never seen a hairy footballer well at least not horse hairy*#) also jumping into ice cold water can be dangerous for a lot of people, they have been known to have a heart attack from the shock.

    It was just another opinion on a possible cause, if the saddle is fitted correctly, I know my mare is fine now so it seems to of worked and if the saddle was grabing her I would find out the hard way quick smart LOL**)

    Oh also Aloevera is far better than tap water for burns, stops the blistering learnt that the other day ouch.

    Cheers Janet:D
  20. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Very true Janet **)

    I walk my horse around for a long time to cool him off before I touch him with water. The only reason I will hose him is because I don't want the sweat in his coat, that also bleaches, but not to this extent.

    You should never hose a HOT horse down with COLD water, not just for their coat but for a multitude of other medical reasons...
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