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  1. Kateee

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    Just want peoples opinions on something.If i'm riding my mare,she'll be the biggest bi%$^ and ignore what im asking her. BUT if I am holding my dressage whip, she is alot better and responsive. I'm not sure whether to start permanentley using it, as I feel the only reason she is responding to it, is because shes scared of it... what do you stockies think??


  2. Sugar's Mum

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    I used to call my whip my gear shift because if I had it in hand and just let my gelding know it was there he found andother forward gear.

    It wont do any harm at all to just have it in your hand. And if she is like my guy it wont loose it's power.
  3. When im riding my flatwork i always have my dressage whip on me :) always good to back up the leg! :)
  4. sparkie

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    in my opinion to me this sounds like the horse has respect for the gear you use rather than you...perhaps fix the problem rather than look past it...get her respecting you instead of the gear and you may find she is a better friend to you also...i dont mean go out and whack her with your hand...ground work and a little cueing may be all you need...
  5. jlnew

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    it may be a hang up of the original training your horse had. our mare works a lot easier if she knows the whip is around. her original trainer used a whip, sothe mare doesnt take anyone seriously unless they have a whip on hand. but i have to admit she is getting much better, she even canters for my daughter without a whip now!

    we mix it up on her, sometimes we take a whip, sometimes we wave it around before we head off but leave it behind, sometimes it doesnt come out at all.

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