When Did You Realise Your Horse Wasn't A Problem Horse........

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Go the Distance, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. DNDKatherine

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    I thought they were everywhere?
    My pony is just that! And I love it. Some people think I'm crazy that I enjoy her moody antics. But they are hilarious! She is the perfect horse for me (bar the fact that she is only 14HH).

    My gelding from the outside looks like a problem child. But his actions are caused by my lack of confidence with him and my own issues. He is not bold, unfortunately, and relies heavily on the rider. So that puts my eventing desires on hold! But that's okay, so long as whatever I do, I get to do with him. When I choke up he thinks there is an outside cause (other than himself) to freak out over, and so the cycle escalates. He is a beautiful, sweet giant that never means any harm. When I have myself together, so does he.
  2. samgard

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    OMG its like looking in a mirror! I was just thinking the other day that my girl Ebony (aka Mini Mole) is no longer a mole at all and she totally rocks!
    It was such a long rollercoaster of a journey with some really big downers as well as some good ups (enough to keep persisting anyway) and now she is super. She is still not an easy ride but she is SAFE now and pretty reliable.
    I think our biggest issues stemmed from confusion on her part when she didnt understand what I was asking, generally when I didnt ask clearly what I wanted. My biggest recommendation for a "difficult" horse is to go back to the ground work and fix it there. I tried LOTS of different methods but have found the Parelli 7 games the BEST thing I ever did.
    She has taught me more in 4 years than all the other horses I have dealt with over the past 20 years - which makes her pretty awesome in my book :)

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