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Discussion in 'Forum Management and Operation' started by Murray, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Murray

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    I have just upgraded the forums so they should be a little quicker now. During the next few weeks I will be testing our entire website on a 'power' cluster which will ultimately deliver greater resources and performance.

    Arrangements have been made to move showphotos.com.au | Horse Show and Event Photos to another server within the next few days. The new server will give us more control on available server memory and therefore, should eliminate the problems experienced when uploading large photo files.

  2. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    The entire Stockyard website has now been migrated to the 'power' cluster. **)

    The Power Cluster delivers faster response times, faster processing of dynamic content and faster downloads than other hosting platforms.

    Fast/Fat architecture. Faster response & faster dynamic content.
    Each machine in the Power Cluster actually powers two servers simultaneously, one 'Fast' and one 'Fat'. The Fast server is optimised for high-speed delivery of static content and delegates dynamic content processing to the Fat server, which is optimised for PHP and Perl.

    On the Power Cluster, static content never waits in a queue behind dynamic content and dynamic pages are processed more efficiently. That means faster response times and faster dynamic content.

    Performance compression. Faster downloads.
    Servers in the Power Cluster automatically compress appropriate outbound http traffic on the fly. A 100 KB text file could be delivered within only 3 KB of data. That means faster downloads!

    Reliable session management. True session integrity.
    Any server cluster is inherently more reliable than a standalone server. Sessions are stored centrally through a memory based system that provides optimal performance.

    showphotos.com.au | Horse Show and Event Photos has also been migrated to another server which gives our photographers maximum server memory for their large photo uploads.


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