What's best to put with a late gelded horse

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by JessSundo, Jul 21, 2011.

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    My boy was gelded at 4 and was very colty prior to being cut!! That was 3yrs ago now and to this day he is still very dominant when paddocked with others! He still has some stallion traits which is a big advantage in the ring**) but I have to be very careful who I put him out with as he beat the crap out of my 2yr old colt the first time I let them out together (supervised of course) with mares hes bossy but better with girls. He is now a valuable teacher to my 2yr old colt and is doing a fantastic job keeping him in line!!! I just have to watch them the times I put them together and I will not leave them out ever without being there to keep an eye on them. Gelding has had hold of colt on more than one ocassion and made him scream with pain for being pushy and not backing off with the rough play! Hence colt is very respectful to gelding now and becoming a very responsive and pleasant show colt!
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    I have an acquaintance who gelded her horse after serving 1 mare (might have been 2 mares - cant remember). He turned 4 last october (so he is about 4.5years old now). He was gelded 12 months before that so near on 18 months ago. She goes on and on about him displaying stallion behaviours. To me tho i woudnt consider it stallion behaviour, he is still young and acts like a young'un occassionally.

    I think how the horses are handled and how much experience the owner has, has a lot to do with it. She has very little {experience} and to me it shows in the horse. Alot of his behavours are because he can get away with it, but she blame it on him "being a stallion and cut so late". A very good friend of mine has a gelding who was gelded at 9 years old and he (now 33 years old) was one of the best horses ever (oh and he was a "wild nutcase" Arabian too LOL -tongue in cheek) in terms of respecting mares, geldings, foals, people, dogs, cats the lot LOL.
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    I am aware that Saltriver have recently done "rehab" or re-socialised a horse that was gelded very late. They were able to put the horse in with a number of different herds / variety of horses like pregnant mares, other geldings etc and then even mares but they did it on a step by step basis and they monitored him to know when he was ready for the next stage. They have a web site - saltriverhorsemanship.com

    You may also be able to have a telephone consult if you don't want to move him to get some advice.

    I know that they also stand several stallions regularly so they should have some info for you.
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    My boy is 13 and was gelded as a 10yr old.
    We tried him in a paddock with a mare, but he went feral. He is now in with a reasonably submissive gelding. Works out pretty well :)
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    when i was younger got a pony who was used as a tease and was gelded at about 5 nearly 6. he was very pushy and nasty in the paddock not only to other horses but to humans. i was never allowed to catch him and we had to go into the paddock with a big bit of polly pipe. he used to serve my old mare (she didnt mind) and we have now had him for 20 odd years and he has been with all shapes and sizes, gelding and mares. and is now retired in a paddock full of mares and a little colt happy as can be serving the mares lol

    they do learn to be social. he is quiet the caracter :) love him to bits and would not have it any other way :D

    just introduce the new pony gradually and things will settle with time.
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    You allow your gelding to serve mares??? With a high risk of passing sexually transmitted issues and a high risk of injury? Sorry that's just wrong!

    Saw my bloke on a mare a few months back and penetrating her. He was removed instantly and is only a loud in when she's out of season and back out just before she's due back in.
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    "Surely you could of (sic) PM'd the owner rather then humiliating them in public like this?"

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    This may sound wierd- but have you thought about getting a baby for your daughter to ride (eventually) and training the youngster up?
    My boy is a rig and he LOVES foals. He doesn't get attached- doesn't beat them up but simply says "that's ok- and that is not ok". My old mare died giving birth to our little demon child and J just took over. The foal is a little gelding of 2 now. And its love love love.
    Otherwise- perhaps get your daughter the grumpiest most irritable little mare you can find and pop her in the paddock with him.
    Good Luck. Remember to be boss lady tho :)

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