What type of girth do you use?

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Cheeki, Sep 25, 2012.

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    You're right PSO, there is a quite a bit of difference.
    I have both old and new styles. Heading outside to ride now so will take a couple of pics for comparison. I much prefer the older style. So does my horse. :p
  2. ZaZa

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    As promised .......
    Both of these girths are the same length. The newer one (with hidden elastic) is quite a bit wider through the elbow area and right up behind the buckles.


    One laying on top of the other.


    It might not seem much but it makes a huge difference to my horse. She seriously dislikes the width of the newer, bulkier type and since using it she has become a bit girthy. She seems to really object to the wider area behind the buckles. I'm guessing it has a lot to do with the way she's shaped and her fat belly is pushing forward and it's digging in somehow and causing pressure. She's quite the princess *#)
    I've swapped back to using the old one now and she's settling down thankfully.
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    hmmm... interesting! thanks!!
    The new one is narrower between the elbows (under the chest) tho..I'd like a hybrid!!!
    Still not convinced he is happy in this one as he is in the all-elastic (maybe I need to learn to be happy with the elastic??)

    ok- I give up on pic :p
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    Currently, the only girth I own is harrison howard. works a treat and not WAY expensive!

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