What type of girth do you use?

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Cheeki, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    Magic Impact, the dee ring on the girth goes to the front so that you can clip the gadgets on lol
  2. Jonsie

    Jonsie Well-known Member

    I use a pressure eze girth as my boy is ulcer-y and i noticed a big difference going from the straight girth the the shaped! He is 17.3hh and is very sensitive in the girth area. Mine was replaced in the recall and i have no issue with the new one. :)
  3. magic_impact

    magic_impact Well-known Member

    Thanks justjam and nannygoat :)
  4. Shakia

    Shakia Well-known Member

    Love the pressure eze and wouldn't use anything else now.
  5. fishiz3434

    fishiz3434 Active Member

    I use a Pressure Eze with Elastics for Jumping and a anti-gall single side elastic girth with a sheepskin for Dressage.
  6. Pocket Rocket

    Pocket Rocket Well-known Member

    Dressage - simple wintec girth? Hahaha but thinking i need a different one as mr sensative always reacts to it.

    Jumping - i have a wintec elastic and with mr sensative it is awesome. :)
  7. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    I feel a bit understocked....I only have one girth! Just one!';'
  8. Cheeki

    Cheeki Gold Member

    Thank you all for the replies, I really appreciate it :)

    Looks like the pressure eze girth is quite popular! I think I might go into the store and have a look tomorrow or Monday. Are they bulky?
    I want something that is more contoured to the body than the old school straight girths. My horses aren't girthy, but I just don't like the current girth I have.

    I was looking into the jaguar banana girth, as I was told that it very comfortable for the horse. Has anyone tried it?

    Looks like the pressure eze girth is a winner!
    Are there different types of pressure eze girths, or is it just one type with different lengths?

    Deb - don't stress, I only have 2 girths - one for each saddle! I intend on keeping my straight ascot girth as a backup only.
  9. ShowjumpKid4Eva

    ShowjumpKid4Eva Well-known Member

    Re the recall, yes, mine was taken in the recall and I was given store credit as they had none of the new ones in stock and I didn't want to wait.

    Still was not impressed, though, and I miss mine... might go buy another one (or two!!) when I have some spare cash...
  10. pso

    pso Gold Member

    I have the banana girth- you are welcome to pick it up and try it one day Cheeki :)
  11. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    I use a Thinline girth and love it, Winnie is very happy in it. I couldn't use a pressure eze girth on him made him very very sore in the Pec's. It didn't suit him.**)
  12. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    On the jump saddle, Fitz wears a 140cm wintec elastic/antigall girth, I think! Long and slightly contoured with points that stick out.
    If I had a dressage, Id probably use the wintec tubular one where the points do up on top of the girth, rather than on the skin like the one I use now would do if it were shorter.
  13. Noah

    Noah Well-known Member

    How funny, I was just looking at girths and googling something to help stop my treeless slipping.I saw someone recommending the Prestige Anatomical girth. It is about $250:eek:

    Has anyone used one of these? Are there any other ones that you can recommend for comfort and preventing slipping of the saddle??

  14. samgard

    samgard New Member

    Another vote for the pressure eze. Took the old one back at recall and the replacement is fantastic. I use in on the dressage saddle and on the lunge roller. Love it.
  15. Ponies4Me

    Ponies4Me Well-known Member

    Has anyone have any feedback on either M Toulouse or Beval girths please?

    Long and ongoing problems with girths on the little pony have led me to these brands as the next possible option. Both have a shaped sheepskin lined girth available in the size that I need.

    Haven't been able to find anything here in Aus :( the idea of getting something custom made here was shot down in flames after speaking to several saddlers.
  16. Cheeki

    Cheeki Gold Member

    Thank you, pso! :D I'd greatly appreciate it :) Will pm you :)

    Maree - how interesting! What kind of shape is your Winnie?

    throwing up between the banana girth, thin line, and pressure eze. Tough choice!
  17. carla

    carla Well-known Member

    funny you should say that. i would love to use the pressure eze girth but i borrowed one but my saddle would move/roll. he is very round so had to go back to my wintec tube. didnt matter how tight i got it the saddle rolled.
  18. Cadabby

    Cadabby Well-known Member

    I got the Pressure Ease to stop my treeless slipping. Works pretty well :) Just make sure it's done up evenly on both sides - i.e. if its on the 6th hole on the left it needs to be on the 6th hole on the right.
  19. Noah

    Noah Well-known Member

    Thanks Em,
    Perhaps it's worth a try before spending the big bucks on that other one.
    Allen has this gorgeous leather moon shaped girth, it's a torsion one that goes with his saddle, and it works beautifully, but is unfortunately also 250 bucks!
  20. Evered

    Evered Well-known Member

    I have a Mattes girth. Seriously love it. I won't hesitate to buy more of them. **)

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