What to feed older horse with no back teeth

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Paint8, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Paint8

    Paint8 Well-known Member

    I have recently met a beautiful old soul at my Husbands work, he is a small pony about 11 hands and 30 ish years old.

    He has 4 teeth at the front and that is it!

    He is fed twice a day on Gumnuts and Chaff but is in very poor condition.. is there any other fattening feed that anyone could recommend that may be good for him that does not require it to be chewed? He is in knee high pasture and he grazes all day but you can hear his gums squeaking lol

    He is very bright and gets a spring in his step when anyone comes near his paddock.

    I have had exp feeding an older horse with teeth, I lost my boy when he was 34. He was fed on Equine Senior and Gumnuts.
  2. Akubra

    Akubra New Member

    I have cared for many oldies and Speedibeet in conjunction with a pellet has worked wonders for all of them. If you were to use it introduce it slowly as some will turn up their nose at it at first, but once they get a taste for it they love it.
  3. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    I've fed ours on Lucerne chaff, steam rolled lupins, maxisoy pellets, Gumnuts, canola oil and Cell Vital, as much as they will eat and as keeps weight on. Wet down and allowed to soak for 20mins then fed as a slurry, split into at least two feeds a day. One is prone to laminitis so this suits him, I cut down his Gumnuts as they are barley based. Clover rich meadow hay and green pasture which they chew on and spit out, but it gives him something to do all day. Ditto with the squeaky gums, they Quidded so much i could have gone into business selling the little rolled up packages as compost pellets or firelighters. It's worth getting teeth checked in case there are any sharp tooth roots remaining that hurt the opposing gum.
  4. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member

    The two things that I have found that made a big difference to our old boy who has lost a few teeth is maxisoy, fed at the recommended rate and Protexin. Maxisoy is soaked so is very soft and doesnt require chewing. The gumnuts can be soaked as well. Protexin provides the good bacteria for the gut and helps in digestion. Good luck in helping your old boy.
  5. Jacky Y

    Jacky Y New Member

    Feeding Seniors

    I have found soaked hay cubes are fantastic for seniors as you can get plenty of fibre in. I had an 33 year old thoroughbred on them for years and he did very well. I also kept him on very short grass as he could bite it off with the front teeth and I think he swallowed it whole. When the grass was long he would ball it up and spit it out again.
  6. Paint8

    Paint8 Well-known Member

    Thank you so much for your responses guys :).

    I am going to get his rug off this week and give him a good groom and have a chat with the owners afterwards. I think I might suggest maxisoy with ffs and also keep him on the gumnuts. They are doing the right thing by him but they aren't very horsey.

    Old horses are like old dogs I just love them :) hopefully the old boy can get some condition on him before summer!
  7. Roodog

    Roodog Active Member

    My boy has had some back teeth removed and no longer eat hay properly (sucks on it then spits it out), he is on green grass, hard fed with Hygain fibre essential, chaff, copra and a mineral/vit powder. It's also important that what he grazes on his good quality pasture and not weeds or the dreaded guildford grass. As long as he has his incisors, he can graze ok as the grass is digested in hindgut and doesn't need as much chewing as hay and stalky weeds.:)

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