What the heck is going on? (long) Updated

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Cornflower, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    Thank you guys :))

    And although the pics don't show it, he has even dropped the ewe neck. It was quite bad. He still has one, but it's definitly changed shape.
    So nice to see him happy, poor boy.

    I still want Warwick to see him, even though he's looking better. But i've had a hard time getting a hold of him :eek:
    And it'll will have to wait, because i have a few doc appointments myself. But once that's over in a couple of weeks, i'll be onto Warwick again. I do want to get his opinion, and get whatever tests need just to be on the safe side.

    I just want this horrible weather to end so i can do something with him! Oh, and a saddle, lol!
  2. Sim

    Sim Well-known Member

    Wow, looks great, especially seeing as he is not in work.:):)
  3. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    hi cornflower,
    HUGE IMPROVEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well done,
  4. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    Thank you :))
    Most importantly he's general demeanor has changed, and he's much happier. Just makes your heart ache for them seeing them unwell and unhappy.
    Plan now, once the paddock is set up to ride/work in, is to start with light lunging, and then hop on at some stage. Both of us been out of it for a long time, so need to take it easy, lol.

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