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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Cornflower, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    He was started on his new no grain/no sugar diet about 2wks ago.
  2. Jessie_13

    Jessie_13 Well-known Member

    Hi Cornflower..He is looking much better in the 2nd pics...although yes, a little tucked up....With the sores...Greasy heel and mudfever are a bacteria that gets into the ground...It is common in wet areas as the bacteria can flourish, but it can stay in the ground for a long time afterwards...in fact all our boys have got it at the moment and they are on a dry hill....only moved them there a few weeks ago.

    we are treating with betadyne and i am going to try a zinc cream as well as I've heard it can help

    ETA: Just wanted to add, that my boy's sores look very similar to the photos of the original bumps/scabs that you added...
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  3. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    Add salt to his feed - helps sometimes
  4. SMR

    SMR Well-known Member

    I agree that the sores look like mudfever/greasy heel. I have got exactly the same problem atm (and the same time every year). Whenever my horse gets a small cut near his hooves, I have to treat it straight away otherwise sores develop. I think my horse's immune system is a little compromised.

    What are you feeding atm? The diet could very well be short on electrolyes - I add both common salt and Humidimix.

    I'm glad he's showing some improvement :)

    (oh, and unusual spookiness could be because he is sore??)
  5. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    Jessie, cheers :) From a previous reply; "...There was nothing wet where he was. It was the most brilliantly draining ground i'd ever seen. It was retic, but the horses were in WIWO over night. And the grass was quite short, so they never came out of the paddock with wet legs."
    No way, they are totally different! The other pics are just small areas of missing hair.
    Yes, i've been doing betadine ever since they started. I'm now trying an anticeptic/antibacterial cream after the betadine wash. No change yet.

    Brew, he's on salt :)*

    SMR, no, i'm not worried about the spookiness. He just looked at it funny and snorted, lol. Nothing major. But yes, overall you're right.
    Interesting what you say that about sores around the hooves. He stepped into some ringlock at the old agistment and ended up cutting both fronts behind, under the pastern. Both have healed. But one did try to develop into this type of sore. But it has healed.
    These don't come up same time every year like with your guy. They just never go away.
    He's on oat hay, lucerne chaff, scoop of oat chaff to use it up, speedibeet and oil. Then Cell Provide, salt, chamomile and rosehip.
    Thanks :) The main difference is that he doesn't have such a huge pot-belly.
  6. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Most mud fever/greasy heel is caused by a fungus followed by a bacterial infection. It is worse in the wet, but they can certainly pick it up when in dry conditions.
  7. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    Got a call from my agistment this evening. He's been off the devils claw for one day, and today he is very sore again :(

    KP, thanks. I'll keep up the betadine and the anti inflam cream, and see how i go. At the moment, the biggest problem is him being so sore. I'm just hoping it's not something nasty from that crack.
  8. miniequine

    miniequine Well-known Member

    He is looking better, must like his 24/7 feeding,

    Re his sores, if they are bacterial I wonder if the cream I used on a puppy I bought years ago [realised later she was a backyard puppy mill person] horrible person and I bought the pup to get it away from her, I digress, anyway I GOT HOME TO REALISE PUPPY WAS FULL OF FLEAS AND COVERED IN RING WORM, being a single parent I wondered what to do for the ring worm ,money being scarse, so went to the chemists and bought a tube of Tinea cream which I applied daily to every ringworm and they all cleared up quickly. He lived to be 16 years old.
    I just wondered if his sores are fungal that maybe it might help him. I would be ready to try anything if I was in your boat, you poor thing,
    anyway keep up the good work, you deserve to get an answer after all this time with him.
  9. shelllouise19

    shelllouise19 Active Member

    Hi cornflower, I have PMd you. To me it sounds like perhaps Insulin Resistance? Like the horse version of diabetes. Also have you had him scoped for ulcers?
  10. Ponies4Me

    Ponies4Me Well-known Member

    Hi CF

    Just in regards to the suggestion made by Brew re whey powder and your trepidation with using it due to the lactose.

    There are a few products available that are made from whey isolates, so they have the protective benefits of whey, but NO lactose **)

    I read earlier in the thread that you've used ulcer meds, did they help in any way? Wondering if you've tried Kohnkes Gastrocoat? to help line/settle the gut.

    I think he is looking better in the new pics.
  11. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    This morning, pulled him out to clean and re-dress the sores, and they are looking a bit better. There isn't the deep, black sand there was in places at the previous agistment, so there isn't crap getting in there, and they are staying cleaner, and the huge scabs (buildup of sand and dirt) aren't forming.

    He is seeing a new farrier this weekend, and depending on what he says, he'll probably end up in front shoes. He'll stay barefoot behind, never had a problem with the hinds, but he just isn't coping with the fronts, so maybe front shoes will be the best.

    Mini, thank you :) I'll keep up with the current routine, and if he goes backwards, then might grab a tube of that cream.

    Louise, might be. Until he gets tested, it's hard to know. He's not on any sugar at all right now. I've even cut him down to 2 carrots every few days, poor bugger. Though, he like lettuce, so he gets that instead :)
    No i haven't. The vet's recommendation was to just treat with Omoguard and see what happens.

    Ponies, i have tried Muscle XL in the past. Though, at the time, i tried it solely to help with his muscle wastage and soreness, so wasn't looking for any gut improvements.
    No, haven't tried Gastrocoat.
    The Omoguard might have done something. I say that because he really only showed improvement after coming off it. And he was on it for a month. Then went onto aloe vera gel and chamomile, and then stopped doing 1mil poos overnight, and gained condition. So maybe the combination of all 3 helped ';'
  12. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    Hey Cornflower a cheap remedy I have found also for lining the gut is Toddler Gold 3 from the baby section at the super market, has sorted alot of "gut problems" 1 scoop (in tin) in feed a day :)
  13. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    Well, I actually got given a trial pack of the Epro...something-or-rather whey and soy isolate stuff for free, and it's been sitting around at home, so i might try that and see what happens, and this time watch for gut improvement rather than muscle improvement, like with the Muscle XL. It's only a small pack, so will only last about 1wk, which i know isn't enough time, but if it does anything at all, i would be temped to try whey powder.

    ETA - found the packet, it's the EPro Rapid Performer Xtra. Whey and soy protein isolate powder. I know there is a specific gut one with herbs, but they didn't have that.
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  14. Ponies4Me

    Ponies4Me Well-known Member

    Use it on my mare in the run up to any 'going away comps' purely to help line the gut **)
  15. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    Ok, so i have another update. Yes, with photos :)

    So since i posted last, he's settled really well in his new home. There's lots for him to look at, and lots going on. He's an intelligent horse, so the stimulation is good for him.

    I haven't changed much, if anything of his food. Hay, speedibeat, lucerne, a scoop of chaff, and some supps.

    But the main change is he's now shod fronts. When the farrier came, he cut away some sole, as they all do, and found a small hole. When he pressed around it, it was fluid-like and gave to the press of his finger. And was sore. He cleaned it out, and tried to cut away as much cracking and crap to let it drain.
    There was nothing coming out though. It was black. Like the blood has just gone black in there.
    He put a wider shoe on, to support the area, so the shoe didn't end where the hole was.

    Whatever it was from, this is obviously what was causing the problems. Though i'd never known that if he hadn't done what you're not meant to do, ie. cut away the sole. Lol.

    Anyway, i've decided to keep him shod fronts, and bare behind. As much as i would love to go back to barefoot all round, and keep him so, i don't think it's for him. This is the 3rd time it has stuffed up with problems in the fronts, so i think it's best he stay shod in front.

    Three days after being shod, he finally went for his first hoon. It was clumsy and commical, but at least he could walk, and willing to move. He's been so much brighter and happier, and he's been hooning and extended trotting every since :D
    He comes up to the gate as soon as he sees me, and he's eager to get out. Whereas before, he didn't even want to know.

    Body-wise, not much has changed. In my eyes, he has gained a little. And he's totally lost the pot (hay/grass) belly, even though he's getting a lot of hay and is out 24/7.
    I've long lined him a couple of times, and he was excellent. But with this damn aweful weather, i haven't done a thing with him.
    But to me, now, he looks more like a paddock-condition horse who just need topline and muscle, rather than a sick, pot-bellied one.
    When mother nature finally decides to stop melting everything, i will start to do something with him.
    And he really needs a bath!!! But in this heat and humidity, he's been going totally starkers only because where he is, there are no flies. I mean this literally. Not a 1. **) :D

    So yeah, here are some pics.

    A few days ago.

    And one of him trotting up to me and the feed bin (taken just before the pic above)
  16. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    There is definately good improvement from the first lot of photos that were posted. Well done. It is great to see this sort of improvement in horses.
  17. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    Very nice boy :D good on you for sticking with it!
  18. valdez

    valdez Well-known Member

    He looks a million times better!!!! Well done for your perseverance!!!
  19. WHOAH! he looks like 100% better!
    thats awesome :)
    Good job on you!
  20. Claireb

    Claireb Well-known Member


    He is looking great well done :)

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