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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by samm, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. samm

    samm Gold Member

    Do mini rugs go up to?
    I bought a 4' for Tap and its still a little long for him.
    So mini people what size do Mini rugs go to as I think he might need a tad smaller?
    Little pipsqueak he is.He was very good having a rug on for the first time.He might not be a Womble next year after all!:)*

  2. Emma16

    Emma16 Well-known Member

    i think 2'6" - 3'9"
  3. Webby

    Webby Well-known Member

    I usually have 3'6-3'9 on my sec A yearlings. Mind you Wizard the giant filled out a 4ft and is into 4'3
  4. samm

    samm Gold Member

    Thanks !Hmmmmmm looks like I'm off shopping tomorrow.
    Anyone got a 3'9 light sheet they want to sell me ?lol
    I should have tried it on him before I went to the sales today!grrrrrrrr
    He's bound to outgrow it by next season.

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