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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by ShowHorse34, Aug 12, 2014.

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    hi, I have a 14.3hh mare that i am currently using as a hacking/dressage horse. i was just wondering if anyone could advice me on what kind of feed that would be suitable for her, she is currently in work and i have found her condition is just lacking a bit. She is being fed prime lucerne hay at the moment. I am looking for a feed that will not make her 'hot/fizzy' as she is the type of horse that can be on her toes at competitions. Any advice is muchly appreciated :)
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    We'll see if I can kick off a discussion for you :) There are a lot of threads on feeds, what is good for hot horses etc, so try searching those too.
    Maybe try a bit of equijewel? Or others have had great results feeding soaked lupins. Good luck!
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    Pryde's. If you want to keep the sugar down then EasiResponse, if not worried about sugar then EasiResult, with EasiFibre instead of chaff, and Pryde's Rebuild when working, and we add a small amount of KER All Phase. High quality Lucerne and meadow hay from slow feeder net bags. After our HoofPep runs out in about a week we'll use Pryde's Polished. We moved from Hygain recently after tips from some top pro showies and the horse (expensive hack) now eats the lot, is calmer and looks better. We find Pryde's is harder to find (understatement) but worth the effort.

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