What is your horsey goal for the year

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Marianne, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    LOL true there was a sprint up a steep bit. they were more then happy to stop at the top however. LOL

    Poor Diva. She will be begging to be a showhorse again now. LOL.:p
  2. BellaSkip

    BellaSkip Well-known Member

    ok looking at mine.....well i managed to get back in the saddle. rode eddy a few times and was schooling him up for justin.

    Skip and I started our schooling up and stuff (not ridden however, but i did jump up and ride him around the yard with no stirrups!!!) but dont think we will make it to a show before the end of the year. But halfway there!
    Eddy's talents were realised and were explored, would have made a handy games horse or jumper. But unfortunately lost him to colic. RIP EDDY.
    Justin started riding eddy, and was getting into the swing of things and around the time of his death we were starting to prep him for a show. (However he did get entered into a photo show and came 2nd).

    Didnt quite get to where i wanted but looking at my setbacks this year compared with what i have achieved im happy. I managed the one i was most worried about. So yep im pleased.
  3. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    Well done Bellaskip. That is awesome. Considering your sad loss was beyond your control and that goal would have been realised so I think we can give you that one.;)
  4. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    I didnt post my goals, I must have missed this thread before! will be interesting to see how everyone went tho :)

    My goal was to get Kazz going under saddle and show her at the state champs this year, I failed my mission lol however I have started riding again and now have my goals set on showing her next year!
  5. flash09

    flash09 New Member

    There's so much I wanna do in the next year these are just some of the main ones

    Flash- *Start taking the kids to pony club next year
    *Getting my son to canter without holding on to the horn
    *Help my daughter ride more of the lead

    Bandit- *Getting him gelded asap so he can go out for a spell
    *Mouthing him

    *Practice turning and lunging anti clockwise without him trying to
    turn the other way cos he doesn't like lunging that direction

    Goldie- *Getting more balanced in my ap saddle
    (i've been riding western and just swapped back)
    *Riding out bush more by myself
    (his trot is so much nicer when we are alone cos he's
    not in a hurry to be first lol)
    *Doing more roundyard work
    *Cantering in a ap
    *Learn to trust him more
    *Explore the bridle paths with my sister and son near mums place
    when we go up for xmas holidays (so can't wait)
  6. himitsu

    himitsu Well-known Member

    ive achieved all of mine actually! they were:
    sit on quiz
    ride first advanced test (and wear tails hehe)
    FEI YR challenge
    get more points on Peiko so hes not 'prelim' anymore lol
    get performance medal

    Now time for new goals, but its hard because there are so many things out of my control... but all going well in the next 12 months
    take quiz to halter show
    mouth quiz
    ride/finish breaking quiz
    return buckle to work
    get peiko to pstg??? thats a looong term plan and only if im still campaigning him
  7. painter

    painter Well-known Member

    I thought I had posted my own goals, but maybe I didn't seeing as I only had Flicka in January. Now we have Tommy, Tazzy and Sandy as well:)

    One of my goals for this year was to start Tommy under saddle - which I have done LOL despite everything being against us this year, he's such a champ that he improves even though we only average one ride every 6 weeks!

    My main goal for this year is too finally fulfill my life long dream and be living on my own property in the country...my lifes lesson is patience, but every day this dream is getting closer:)*

    So once that goal is sorted in the next few weeks, my next goal is to be riding at least five days a week, build Tommy's fitness up, get Flicka and hubby working together, re-educate Sandy for my daughter and start working Tazzy then send him to 'finishing school' for my daughter once she is ready for him.

    Hmmmm how many weeks we got left in the year? LOL
  8. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    okay-adding goals until next year
    get more runs on george 1.05 maybe even 1.10ish all going well so far so good.
    move to B grade definatly next ODE
    do more novice dressage... still
    Keep him in work now
    get him out and about
    once she comes back keep her in work
    take her out to a few shows
    Bunbury breed with carli..
    Bunbury breed show
    and introduce the spray bottle...apparently the mozzies think she is tasty :(
    more baths get her used to all of that stuff
    trots maybe..If he doesnt do trots put him undersaddle and continue education
    Get broken
  9. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    Thank you folks for your progress reports thus far....

    what about everyone else, how are you doing with your goals for this year?
  10. SexyRitzy

    SexyRitzy Well-known Member

    Don't have this horse anymore. :(

    But new horse is going nice and round and soft. He jumps and we've been to a training day where he jumped everything and even cantered around 70 cms really nicely **)

    New goals-
    Take him to a breed show
    Do at least one section of the summer series
    Take him to the beach
    and maybe do an event on him...
    to do above we need to learn that flat out is not how a xc course is done haha
  11. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    well we had a dismal yr... between horsey injuring himself a coupl eof times, money being short and uni requiring that i put some sort of effort towards that, we reached none of our goals.... so i have some new goals by june next yr... but i might jinx myself if i post them lol
  12. ashes88

    ashes88 Well-known Member

    well mine for tia is to go through a injury free year!!! (knock wood) and go to many events and hopefully do A grade at the last murray and retire her :( and maybe put her in foal

    hopefully have a young one going aswell, and puck the games pony i want her to be really good at them especially the balloon race!!!(so practise practise) and vault!!!

    and for work i want quest to be sound so we can show the racing world how fast she is!!!! so knock wood for everything i dont want to jinx anything
  13. Dashbabe

    Dashbabe Well-known Member

    pretty sure I achieved none of my goals *#)

    I did get other ones that where small but I still wanted to achieve them before moving off dash- Flying changes perfecto, getting a champion sash and getting under 40 penalties for eventing dressage :D Getting a brand new float, new horse

    next year I think i will just take it as it comes lol
  14. shadowkat

    shadowkat Well-known Member

    Well, I have some little goals for the rest of the year.
    - Make it to the team penning event next Saturday, and not fall off and get trampled and eaten by rabid cows *#)
    - Go to the Wanneroo fun hack day, and not fall off and get trampled and eaten by rabid ponies.
    - Maybe go the the SC hack day in December etc etc.
    - Take Joya out for a bush ride, involving a good run - I think she'd kill for a gallop.
    More general goals - Try to ride at least once, maybe twice a week. Work on my position. Have fun!

    But I've had such a great horsey year so far. I've cadged rides off so many nice people on their lovely horses, made some new friends and started doing some Second Chance stuff.
    And I've developed a thoroughly unhealthy addiction to Stockies...oops! :eek:
  15. I_love_equines

    I_love_equines Well-known Member

    Get back enough confidence to jump a showjumping course (nothing flash) competitively without a refusal :)

    That would be nice.
  16. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    Also, My galloway is back and going... she has been at boot camp got a ride on sunday and she was awesome so relaxed and much happier I have my old floss back **)
  17. angelTricia

    angelTricia Well-known Member

    Mine is very simple to ride a horse someday havent been on one and ridden in ages and I mean ages.
  18. raindear

    raindear Well-known Member

    hey angelTrisha...I hadnt been on a horse for 30yrs and this week i Cantered!!!!nothing is unachievale JUST DO IT!!**)
  19. F.adila

    F.adila Well-known Member

    To have my first ride on my horse :)
  20. tammy07

    tammy07 Well-known Member

    i missed this thread before
    my goals are
    -get my confidence back after some setbacks this year
    - getting a horse who i can tust with my life hopefully its saxon:)
    - definatly competing alot more
    -and hopefully be jumping confidently over 1m and over prelim eventing
    - and get ruby out as much as possible before she sells states are the next event cant wait

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