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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by dopeyqh, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. dopeyqh

    dopeyqh Active Member

    Rode a young horse today, 4 year old pony gelding- ASH X Welsh. He'd been unworked for a week.

    Brought him up from the paddock, being a right turd- trying to barge past and not moving off pressure on the lead.

    Gave him a quick bit of hay while I saddled up to go out on a trail ride with clients of the lady I've been working with for this week. Helped clients out then hopped on.

    At the start of the ride, he was pushing and leaning into my hands, ignoring cues, trying to backup/spin/run to the front (I was meant to be supervising clients...) got him to the front and he tries pushing through my hands to take off on me.

    Then, climb up a hill, get off to take photos of clients then jump on and start walking down hill. The little monster bucks and once reprimanded after two more steps bucks again.

    The pony is apparently a kids pony and is never like that, I was told I was too heavy and hurting him so had to walk him down. Got back on and he's till trying to run off, ignoring cues etc.

    I had to walk home for being "too heavy" for him and that he must be in pain.

    I'm sorry but I believe a 13.2hh pony can take someone of 56kgs. Yes I'm tall (5'9) but the pony was being a right little shite and received no "further discussion" of his behaviour in sorting him out later. I've just left the said place as my time with her is over but what do you reckon...? I'm not riding him again and this is not my horse, I'm just seeing what others think out of interest :eek:
  2. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    By the sound of it, and as you have said, he was just being a right little turd! Probably because in the past he had been allowed to get away with it (if he was not sorted out during that ride or afterwards... then he wins - again! :rolleyes:

    I have seen video of you ride Dopeyqh - you are a nice rider and certainly not too heavy! If you were 'causing him pain' then he already has a pain issue that has nothing to do with you and should have been addressed before now ';' Poor pony! :(

    Sounds like you are well out of it! ;)
  3. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    I was reading the intro sentences and wondering why you would opt to ride something that showed you no respect on the ground. Then, it progressed to the same behaviours under saddle, and YOU get reprimanded :lol:
  4. dopeyqh

    dopeyqh Active Member

    I know wattle!! Unfortunately I was forced into riding said horse on commands of the owner of the business even after telling her the pony was disrespectful. She accused me of being wrong as the pony was "just a kids pony." I was at a loss really as she was really my "boss" at the time.

    Said woman had the nerve to announce to her clients that I was the problem and not the pony so as to remove herself from any possible accusations of having ill mannered horses.

    This thread was merely more of a vent at how annoyed I am that I would be accused of ruining the pony in public for her own self-protection, and also as an enquiry whether 56kgs is really too heavy for a pony!

    Needless to say will not ever be returning.

    ETA: I corrected all attempts of his behaviour on the ground before getting on, but really this pony needed a right sorting out!!
  5. samgard

    samgard New Member

    Doubtful it is because of your size. A shetland pony can carry a full grown man easily (although it would look a bit strange!). Sounds like the pony just needs some serious retraining - definitely a little turd :)
  6. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    My pony was a little wench when I hopped on after my sister had been riding her for a few months. We worked through that and she was an absolute gem after that! Must be a pony thing! They gotta make sure everyone's in their place *#)
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