what do you feed your horses

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by aussie_rider91, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Deb2

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    Since I posted what my horse gets fed, she has responded to the spring grass and now is only on 24/7 grassy paddock, plus one feed of oaten chaff, 500grms alka pellets, 60gms advanced sups and half teaspoon salt.

    She looks like this....

  2. Sniggles

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    Shilo is looking super awesome! :D
  3. TBforever

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    our TB's get boiled barley maxisoy and mitavite and hay in morning our QH old boy has oats corn boiled barley and mitavite maxisoy . then all the same plus added supplements at night
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  4. Donski

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    Interesting reading, thanks everyone

    New to this so any opinions, suggestions greatly received.

    16hh Anglo-Arab, light-mod work, access to often hay roll and salt lick. Definitely fizzy enough and a tad on the chubby side (just coming back into work). Yarded at night, typical summer paddock ie. bugger all

    1kg lucerne chaff
    1kg hygain trucare
    2kg hygain grotorque. (Spoke to hygain, they said it can be a bit less fizzy than show torque)
  5. Karen Jet

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    I only feed Prydes feeds as I love the extrusion process to help with digestion.
    I have 3 horses, all on varying amounts of barley chaff, easiprep concentrate, biomare, copra, easi 300 mineral mix, and Lucerne hay for breakfast.
  6. Thatest

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    My horses get soaked beet pulp, alfalfa pellets, oats with a handful of flax and a vit/min thrown in there. They get a plain old grass hay mix. They have a pan of loose minerals. They look FANTABULOUS.

    It's also been cheaper for me, always a bonus.

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