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    JAFEICA Active Member

    I am in the process of purchasing a new saddle for my horse that I am going to show hunter. Below is a picture of him, can I please have your opinions on what colour would suit him?


    I currently have black gear, just wondering if brown would be lost on him... He has no white at all
  2. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    Stick with classic black.**)
  3. Topcat

    Topcat New Member

    Hi Jafeica, If it's for showing then the rule of thumb is to buy tack in the colour closest to your horse's colour.
    So for instance, on chestnut you would put an "Oz Nut" brown saddle/bridle on, for a bay or dark brown (like your guy) I would use dark Havana brown, and on a black or dapple grey horse, black saddlery.

    Black saddlery would clash much more on a brown or bay horse than Havana Brown saddler would.

    Perhaps you could borrow various saddles etc just to try on and see what the colours are like on before you commit to buying a whole lot of stuff in that particular colour? Best of luck with it all :)

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