What colour is this horse really is?

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by Talkingshell, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    Ok...I have taken a photo of Cullen this morning where he was awaiting for his brekky!

    Now, you can see he has gotten darker...
  2. Horsetalk

    Horsetalk Well-known Member

    He has gotten darker and I really like him. :) @)
  3. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    Thanks, he's lovely boy but somewhat cheeky at times lol:D
  4. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    Chocolate Brown..would be my guess **)

    He's very nice :)* ..sorry if I missed it ...but what breed is he ?

  5. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    Thanks citygirl....oh do you think he has some Arab in him? I will tell you after you answer this question lol:D :)*
  6. Clandella

    Clandella New Member

    Hi :)
    Genetically, Bay & Brown are the same.
    He just looks like a brown horse....A cute brown horse though ;) I like bays / browns...anything but chestnut ;) LOL
  7. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member

    Talkingshell, he is a stunnign colour what ever he may turn out to be :)

    and also a nice CB, or CBxTB :D
  8. Talkingshell

    Talkingshell Well-known Member

    Thanks everyone!

    Gerbra, yes your right he's 1/4 CB and the rest is TB...:)
  9. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member

    thought so, he is stunning, i have liked him since he was little**)

    cant wait to see him all grown up:)

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