what colour is this foal

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by Pepsea, Oct 9, 2009.

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    thanks Goodie, yep I knew that about the Welsh Society. Problem is they still haven't changed their terminology so it would be confusing for someone who didn't know. Any chance of silver from the Kirreway line? My friend's Part welsh mare just had a foal to one of the Kirreway stallions and it turned out chestnut **)
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    Yup just got back from cutting and reread my post .lol Sorry early morning, was'nt awake properly. Correction made. :eek::p
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    Yeah I registered her as chestnut before she changed colour. I still don't know what to change her colour to on their register, I have to change her papers anyway cos they registered her dam as the wrong kirreway mare
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    Do you have any foal photos Wildwood? Would love to see them :)
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    perhaps getting a dna colour test done before changing her registration details would be a good idea. JMO. Goodluck, she is a lovely filly **)
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    The first pony pictured is most likely a smutty palomino and the second pony pictured is almost certainly a bay silver. The base coat colours are totally different in the two ponies - the first is definitely gold on the soft spots (as is KC's smutty paly) and the second is bay or red.

    If in doubt, check things like iridescence. It will always be GOLD on a cream dilute regardless of how dark or smutty the coat is BECAUSE cream dilutes red pigment to gold. The gold may range from a light silvery gold to a very dark coppery gold but it is still gold. On a bay silver it will be RED because there is no cream dilution present to change it to gold.
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    Buddy (FA Riverdance) is MOST DEFINITELY a palomino and there is no silver in his pedigree. Some seasons and at certain times of the year he doesn't have much smut at all. The 'duns' by him are buckskins and / or bays with some very predominant countershading. He has sired standard coloured cream dilutes as well as some 'different' ones but you have to factor in the mare's contribution as well :). The greys are all out of grey mares obviously :p. With the filly in the OP, I would suggest that the brown dam has contributed just as much, if not more, to the dark colour of the filly.*#).
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    Ths thread is amazing, I am learning so much. BTW I love the colour whatever it is called.

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