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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by retroremedy, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Very informative, thanks RR :)
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    Thanks RR I have learnt a lot from your thread and it has answered some of my shoeing questions.

    If the extra length is not there what happens to hoof structure in regards to pressure? Was this done due to the horse over reaching and by reducing the length, the chance of the shoe being ripped off is less?

    I like this game and I am keen to see more photo's.
  3. retroremedy

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    Palmar Heel pain and owner turns to barefoot trimming for answers and I am not joking about that and totally understandable too as this type of shoeing is poor!

    But besides this lots of bad things from corns, cracked quarters, unnatural wearing of the heels, abscesses etc etc

    No, if that was the case you would be looking at the horse's breakover to stop that happening to get the front feet out of the way quicker.....Sadly GTD this was most likely done because the farrier most likely didn't have the correct size shoe and just didn't care.

    This is great! :))
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  4. retroremedy

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    That is right CI, sadly this is exactly the outcome!

    LOL MC, I had a huge collections but got made to throw them in the bin :eek:...you should have felt how heavy the bin was! :eek:
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    OK, here we go again, this set should tell you not only information about the quality of the job but also potential issues the horse may have! Also, lets us have a lot at some hind feet!

    For Big Red :) ...underneath view of wear:


    OS Hind: Note: Shoe appears distorted as it has been twisted to remove.


    NS Hind: Note: Slight twisting during removal as well.


    Horse is a 17hh TB and participates in show jumping. Shoes are size 4 St Croix Eventer steels.
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  6. corporate pride

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    the shoe on the left
    *toe too long...farrier needs the take off more toe
    *the horses hoof is flaring to the right

    the right shoe
    *horses foot bigger then shoe, farrier used a shoe too small

    now to read the results ...... :)
  7. Double Helix

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    I really need to do some work but this is more interesting :)

    Both hind feet show uneven wear on the inside branch as indicated by the underneath view (wearing away of the groove on the shoe). The medial aspect of the toe on the OS hind is quite worn, suggesting that the horse is too long in the toe and possibly toe out / cowhocked (hence landing and breakover on the inside toe / inside of the foot). The NS shoe toe region also suggests this, but not quite as toe-out. The outside of the hoof wall would need to be lowered a bit more.

    Again the heel regions are worn at the base of the shoe, suggesting not alot of heel support, and also not enough lateral support based on the wear marks on the outside when looking down on the shoe.
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  8. Go the Distance

    Go the Distance Well-known Member

    RR thanks for explaining that to me.

    The shoe on the right has a lot of outside wear. Maybe from a 'twisting' hind ?? This is reflected in the side that faces the hoof as well?

    On the left side the length between toe to heel on one side is more than the other. Query more wear on the longer side.
  9. retroremedy

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    Everyone is doing so well!!! :)

    And now a hint....check out the wear on the toe...besides the quality of the job have a ponder about what could be wrong with this horse??!!! It is not only quality of application shoes can tell you but gives you information about the horse as well and this shoe is a beauty in demonstrating this!!
  10. GoneRama

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    Ye gods!!! Where does one start with these shoes?!?!?! Hmmm think I best wait until Farmer Wants a Wife is over and I'll get back to you.
  11. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    Loving this thread RR! And learned heaps off Number 1.s shoes.

    Okay...shoe is too small for horse. Toes have been left too long, which is why there is a LOT of wear on the toes?
    The shoes have not been put on a balanced foot, as shown by the uneven wear down teh bottom of the shoe.
  12. Pockets

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    LMAO Matt is rather lovely isn't he.....pity hes about 1/2 my age:D oh well can still dream and perve;)
  13. Go the Distance

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    I wondered why they were so worn Babe? What you say makes sense. The shoes seem very elongated as well.
  14. sil

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    Looks like the horse toes in at the back and maybe also needs a hind caulk on the outside edge to help minimise twisting
  15. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Well-known Member

    Were those shoes on longer than the recommended 5-6 weeks??
  16. GoneRama

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    Ok I don't need to comment as these two took the words out of my mouth! Thanks guys, saved me a bit of typing!**)

    By hind caulk are you talking a toe clip but on the side? I'm not entirely convinced by toe clips as they don't really allow the foot to grow as naturally as possible. I do however agree with toe clips in hilly country and in the past have had my horse shod with toe clips if I was heading up the hills. If the hoof is balanced properly then toe clips shouldn't be needed as the shoe will be there to protect the bottom of the hoof (to a certain extent).

    I saw a shoeing job one day on a spoilt brats expensive WB x TB mare at pony club and the farrier hadn't even bothered to tap the toe clips flush with the hoof so they were just sticking up! :eek:
  17. sil

    sil Gold Member

    No a caulk at the back will grab the surface first on the side it's on and stabilise the hoof as it comes down, helping straighten the action of the leg.

    Here's a custom job by a master farrier to correct this kind of problem. The heel caulk is on the left hand side down the bottom.


    sorry it's huge!
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  18. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Ahhhh gotcha!**) I have seen these and thought they were referred to as a caulk but wasn't entirely sure.

    That is a sexy shoe that has been very well made. Now what does this shoe tell us about this horse?!
  19. sil

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    Nothing, as it hasn't been used... hehe

    But if RR lets me play, I'll put up a custom shoe and people can work out what it's for! I guarantee you'll be mystified.
  20. GoneRama

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    Yes I daresay it would be rather amazing what a black smith will fashion for a specific purpose. Let her do it RR!

    Yes it hasn't been used SIL but what does it say about the horse that it was made for and why was it made in such a shape?!

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