What a hell of an Easter... (WARNING graffic pics)

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Eventer4Ever, Apr 26, 2011.

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    minimo; they've had a series of very unfortunate freak accidents. This is just another along the line, and although everything is so raw and painful at the moment, Narbeyda will only make the decision to end the breeding programme if she feels it's right :)

    Hope Miss Pigs and Rosie are okay today, I spoke to K yesterday and she said Peggychop was going to get her bandage changed again, so hopefully that all went well!
  2. myyky

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    what terrible news! Rip little filly, and i really hope your other 2 make full recoveries, especially poor peggy. Have always enjoyed your updates e4e, but this time, im just hoping each update is positive news for peggy. Massive hugs to both of you, narbeyda and e4e.
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    I have only just found this thread tonight and I'm gutted for you.

    How awful for you.

    Its every horse owners worst nightmare and to have 3 injured the same night is just freaky.

    I'm so sorry you've had such tough decisions to make.

    I do hope that Peggy and Rosie continue to recover smoothly.

    Hugs and healing vibes from NSW.
  4. Eventer4Ever

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    Thankyou all so so much.
    It really is good to read all your lovely messages.

    It is Day 8 today and we did yet another bandage change on Peggy today. So far, nothing has changed, no infection but we're not getting our hopes up just yet, they've got a long way before they're out of the woods.

    Little Rosie is being a bloody champion. She still standing beautifully for all her needles (as long as we give her her dinner!! haha) and is still giving us cuddles and not thinking we're the bad guys even though we jab her 3 times a day.

    We're currently travelling 10kms one way in the morning to see Peggy and take her for a walk, back the other way 20kms to see our lot and needle Rosie and then 10km back home. Spend a few hours at home and then do it all over again. I swear the days have gained a few hours because by the time we're home at about 7, we're ready for bed!

    Boy it has been a long week. We are absolutely exhausted.
  5. Scarlet

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    Horses are the most incredible creatures who can take you to your bugbear of highs & lowest of lows....but they fill that spot like nothing else in this world!

    My heart goes out to you both, it'll be a hell of a ride but the day you watch your two horses trot across the paddock again it will be worry it. Please don't blame yourself about the fencing....in those circumstances there is nothing you can do.

    I have had horses with similar injuries who are out & about competing again they have an incredible capacity to heal & renew and you guys are certainly giving them their best shot!

    Fingers crossed you journey is smooth from now on & remember to take a little time to just be with your ponies & enjoy the bond you so obviously have!!
  6. JustJam

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    Oh Kayli :( *hugs*

    Obviously I haven't been around much, and I am just devastated to here that this has happened to you, your mum and your beautiful horses! :( 2011 has just been a crap year so far, for so many people! #(

    I can only send out love and hugs and wishes for a speedy and complete recovery - for Peggy and Rosie and you and your Mum!

    (I'm guessing by now that your Mum knows that 1/2 of Stockies has adopted you as their own daughter... kudos to Narbeyda for raising such an adoptable daughter! lol)

    With love and best wishes for a brighter tomorrow!
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    Lots more (((hugs))) and healing vibes being sent your way E4E and Narbeyda

    Has anyone else noticed there is a lot of this going around at the moment? I know we have been having one thing after another with either the horses or dogs, lots of other people on here are the same and on a dog forum I am a member of in the WA thread it is the same as well... what is going on?
  8. Eventer4Ever

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    Mirawee, we must all have run over a heap of china men or something?
  9. Eventer4Ever

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    It's been a while since I've popped my head in here, and from what I can see, there's been a big shift of membership, but I thought I'd post this anyway.

    I've bumped this thread back up to the top for an update for all those wonderful people who offered my Mum and I so much support and kind words following this tragedy over 3 years ago!

    For those who have to face a similar situation, I can only offer my biggest hugs. It is an incredibly long road and absolutely heartbreaking, but there is always hope.

    So for those of you who followed our story when this all happened, I thought after 3 years it might be time for an update!

    Rosie, the little weanling filly is now in a lovely new home and has been recently broken to saddle! She is going great and is an absolute little stunner!

    As for the Pig-pony (Peggy). After months and months of stabling, bandaging and rehab, we had our first ride together just 8 months after the injury.
    Since then, I have moved to Perth (and brought her with me of course!). She has debuted in the Eventing scene and of 4 ODE's, she has come home with two 3rd's, a 4th and a 6th in fields over well over 20!
    Peggy is completely sound and has recently passed a full flexion test. She offers no hint of a change in her gaits, and happily gallops around a XC course flat strap.

    She is an absolute miracle of a pony and has become everything I've ever dreamed of.
    So for those of you who offered your help, support and endless well-wishes, here are a few photo's of the little miss doing what she loves!




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