Wet Hay Rolls with Slow Feeder Nets

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Lucyloo, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Lucyloo

    Lucyloo New Member

    Hi I have had a hay roll out with the slow feeder net on it and after all that rain its pretty wet. I did put a tarp over it but the little buggers just pulled it off. At night when they move paddocks I cover it again. I was wondering if I should be worried about mold or how I can know if its gone bad.

    I put my hand into it tnight and its a bit warm so have left it uncovered. Am I better to not have the slow feeder net on? Does anyone else use their nets in winter?
  2. Lucyloo

    Lucyloo New Member

    oops just realised I put this in the wrong area!
  3. Little Bean

    Little Bean Well-known Member

    I don't feed rolls in winter simply because the waste with the rain is too great.

    I do however feed rolls in summer with slow feeder nets and bale buddies and roll cages :lol: late this summer we got heaps of rain on new rolls and after a few days they were getting really warm inside so I took everything off and let the horses just have their way with the rolls *#) they actually ate more than I thought they would I think because they could spread it and it dried a bit.

    If I were you I'd take the nets off and just let them go for it you'll waste less IMO.
  4. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    It's warm because you put a tarp on it after it got wet. Tarps are the worst thing you can do. The sun will cause it to heat up and the moisture cannot escape and mold will build quickly.

    I have fed hay rolls around the clock for 5 years now and I cut the netting off and leave it open to the elements in all seasons and the ONLY time I have ever had a mould issue was the start of summer last year where we had extremely heavy rain and very hot days. This was a rare one off.

    Winter I leave to get wet. Mine are so tightly packed that rain cannot get through.
  5. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    I have between three adn four horses in my paddocks who have a roll put in their paddock when they need it. Winter or summer.

    If it is laid on it's side it sheds the water and keeps the inside dry and they push teh wet stuff out of the way.

    I dont worry about wastage because in my mind it is not wasted, it fertilises the soil and seeds. As long as they are given plenty of good food there is no problem.

    A roll usually lasts me 2 weeks then I rotate them off the paddock and put them in a new paddock with a new roll. The old roll gets mulched down and by the time they come back they have a fresh roll and the old stuff is sprouting.
  6. Lucyloo

    Lucyloo New Member

    Bugger I thought I was being smart keeping the rain off with the tarp!

    I just went and lifted the netting and there is grey mold all on the ground. Doesnt seem to be in the hay though just the bottom. Part of its still really nice and dry hay.

    So do you recommend I pull the net off and just spread out on the ground? Or leave in the hay ring?

    I have another 5 hay rolls so I will try again once they have finished and leave the tarp off! Should I leave the net off too? I need to keep hay in my paddocks year round as my paddocks arent great and if there is nothing to eat my boy will eat sand!!
  7. Lucyloo

    Lucyloo New Member

    sorry also would it be better if I put the hay on top of a pallet so its off the ground?
  8. Little Bean

    Little Bean Well-known Member

    Take the net and ring off leave it on the ground and let the horses pick out what they want ;) if they are anything like mine they'll make a bed out of it which is why I won't feed them over winter, can't leave an unprotected roll out or pony just climbs in the middle and makes a nest :lol:
  9. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    No I just cut the netting off and leave it (when first put in the paddock) and I put on a higher part of the paddock that gets no flooding or puddles.

    I don't use slow feeders or rings as I have a healthy regular supply of good quality hay and replace it instantly one after the other. I get little wastage and my horses eat it slowly (two horses - 6 weeks to a roll) because they know the hay will always be there.
  10. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    Yep, bales are easier over winter. But I'm having lots of success with my slow feed net rolls and tarp. It's a really thick silver 10x12 foot tarp with D rings, it was only $30 from Rays Outdoors and I love it.

    Just push out a roll, and do up net so it has a 3 foot hole at the top. Then (before it rains) tie tarp on to net with baling twine, all 10 D rings, and through several net holes each so it's less likely to break when pulled on. On opposite sides I tie two D rings together to tent the tarp up a bit, the horses can reach the hole in the net under it.

    I check the tarp daily, it needs adjusting as the roll gets shorter and wider, but i know they have a constant supply which is good when i only see them a couple hours a day. A four foot roll lasts 4 horses 10-14 days. I have to get some photos and ask NLEC again to put them on for me.

    It keeps the hay dry and appetising, I am paranoid about mould and colicky horses. If anything, the roll gets wet from the ground up. Then I empty the net out, as everyone else has said, they pick through it to find the good bits.

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