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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by sara, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. sara

    sara New Member

    I have a 14hh Arab pony that I am riding (not my horse) which if he was a mare you would think he was pregnant, I was just wanting to know what people feed to help ponies loose weight - Sorry if this post is somewhere already.

    He currently lives in a paddock and there isn't any real way to keep him off grass all day (no stables) he was getting at night 1 1/2 scoops of shandy, 1 cup of bran, magnesium, sulfa, garlic, sunflower seeds and apple cider vinegar.

    I do need to ride more or work him more to help him loose some of the weight and the owner and I were talking to see what else there was to feed him, thinking just giving him a vitamin/ mineral block but then we do feel bad not feeding him

    I have been doing a bit of reading and have heard of people feeding speedibeet to help with weight loss, but then have also read of people feeding it to help put on weight? I have also read about a product called Kohnkes Own Trim.

    I was just seeing if anyone had any advice??
  2. Nicki

    Nicki Well-known Member

    I've got a couple of blimps too, both on excellent pasture and neither of them have had any supplemental feed or hay since early April! I felt sorry for them at first when they looked so disappointed while other horses were getting feeds but I toughened up when I saw how cresty they were becoming. For the last month or two we've been locking them in a sand yard for 8-12 hours a day and while they haven't really lost much weight at least they haven't got any fatter. A few more weeks with weather like this and we'll be over the worst of 'founder watch' lol I must be the only evil person in WA praying for no more rain this season.

    If there's nowhere you can lock him away from grass altogether, maybe you could try strip grazing by setting up smaller areas with electric fence or similar, then move it to another spot if necessary. Also depending on how well supervised your pony is you could try a grazing muzzle for periods of time.
  3. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    There is no feed or supplement on the planet that will make a fat pony trim! Lol! :lol:

    Only intensive management, very careful minimal feeding, and lots of exercise!

    Slash his paddock so the feed available is reduced. Strip grazing with hotwire works well, and soaking hay. :D

    I would cut out his hard feed as even that is extra calories he does not burn off. Just a handful of Lucerne chaff and a dose of Cell-Provide daily should be sufficient for him protein and minerally wise. Provide a salt or mineral block also. **)

    And ride him lots and lots. Trotting burns the most calories. Lunging is hard on the joints of overweight horses, so ride him, pony him, go for walks in hand. Whatever it takes to keep him moving. Keep his hooves trimmed short and balanced also. Good luck!! :)*
  4. Ponies4Me

    Ponies4Me Well-known Member

    Grazing muzzle **)
  5. Nicki

    Nicki Well-known Member

    Ponies4Me do you use a grazing muzzle? I'm thinking of getting one for the fattest one next year but never had one before and not sure how to use it, ie how to fit, introduce it, how long to wear it etc.
  6. Quackers

    Quackers New Member

    Im interested about the grazing muzzle too, just bought one for my very fat pony... shes still getting used to the fly veil so will give her a few days before putting on the grazing muzzle. i'm worried she will get her foot stuck in it. lol
  7. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    I had a grazing muzzle for my fatty. He learned to eat enough through it and gain weight. Nothing would part this pony from his food. Lock the pony away. If you can't, get some electric fencing and section off small areas for the pony to live in. Mow it before the pony gets to graze in there. Less is best but I got to a point where I daren't feed my pony any less. half biscuit hay and sparse grazing and yarded over night was not, IMO, enough roughage for this guy and still his weight was stable, not going down!! I had to bite the bullet and accept that this was the way he was. He was fit and ridden and went round ODE's but just a fatty. That's the way he was.
  8. Ponies4Me

    Ponies4Me Well-known Member

    Sorry haven't been in for a couple of days :eek:

    Yes I use a grazing muzzle. The last couple of summers we have had hell trying to keep the ponies weight under control, locking them up at night and keeping them on small jenny craig paddocks wasn't doing anyone or anything any good. The kicker came when the short one tipped it and showed signs of a laminitic episode in April this year. First muzzle came from a local saddler. Put it on in the yard the first time to make sure that he was going to be ok in it, fed him some hay and grass by poking it through the hole (a feat in itself) then out into the paddock for an hour. Took him about three days to get it all worked out and now it doesn't bother him at all, just gets on with the great food hunt.

    I will say that the first muzzle lasted a total of three weeks before the hole in the bottom was three or four times the size that it started out. Have since bought the Best Friend grazing muzzles and have found them to be great, much harder wearing! They did rub as well, but that was sorted by sewing some Velcro tabs onto sheepskin strips.

    They won't suit some ponies, I did try the princess in one (a diva at the best of times) but think that in the interests of my sanity that she is going to stay muzzleless. I watched her for 3 hours in a muzzle and all she did was stand by the fence with her head in the air, what do you do with that?
  9. Jacky Y

    Jacky Y New Member


    It took me two sessions to train my horse. The first time I put a muzzle on he sulked for two weeks and I gave up last year but this year I got tougher and put it on and kept going out and shoving grass in the hole and then put him on a paddock with longer grass and the penny dropped and he learnt how to eat and he now has it on all the time he is in the paddock and he eats plenty. He has lost a little weight and is so much fitter. They are the cheapest solution, saves on fencing and Vet bills having a horse in healthy condition. The trick is to make sure that they don't manage to get the muzzle off in the first few days by putting a halter over the top or platting it in the mane. I haven't had any rub issues as it is well fitting.
  10. horseychic

    horseychic Well-known Member

    I use one on my small horse gelding he has had episodes of laminitis in the past so wears one during the day out in the paddock as I find it better for his sanity to be out with his mates and moving around then sulking at being locked up 24/7. I found it has not rubbed so far. I use a yearling size on him as the mini ones were just to tight.

    I got mine from a saddlery store it has a rubber base and small hole at the bottom and some on the sides. He had the sulks on for the first hour I put it on him but now happy as with it as he worked out how to eat and drink with it on.

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