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Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by Bell The Babe, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Bell The Babe

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    My rising 22 year old t/b made the very long journey from WA to northern NSW 6 months ago. I was shocked to see how much condition he lost in the 7 days.
    I am yet to get him back to condition.
    He is currently being fed 4 scoops chaff, 1 full scoop prydes old timer and 1/2 cup of full fat soy twice daily. No oaten hay available here but he gets 3 biscuits of lucerne hay per day. He is also on pasture 10 hours per day and on vitamin/minerals
    He is up to date with worming and teeth and is rugged appropriately.
    Any ideas for that last bit of coverage for the boy??
  2. dpjg

    dpjg Active Member

    Cracked barley with boiling water poured over, leave for a few hours and feed. Sensational for putting weight on and relatively economical too. Half a bucket expands to two thirds of a bucket.
  3. we have a 26yo mare on soaked whole lupins and a dipper of gumnuts twice a day, plus oaten hay bale 24/7.
    She is holding it reasonably well. Barley is better for fat (starch) lupins are better for muscle ( protein).
    In fact lupins would be the best feed value for money per kg for the result.
  4. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    I'd definitely go the whole soaked lupins . Soak 500 grams ( dry weight) and add this to his daily feed. Its best if you can split into an AM feed and PM feed as even when they have access to grazing they do better on smaller more frequent feeds. I'd also add a cup of either canola oil or rice bran oil to his feed. My horses came over from WA to SA last year and i was lucky as my old boy ( 29) was abit tucked up but didn't lose much weight at all. The other 3 hadn't lost any.
  5. Bell The Babe

    Bell The Babe Active Member

    Ok a bit of an update on the old boy - I have now weighed out all of his feed and as a result made the following changes
    Added another scoop of chaff to morning and evening feeds. He also gets lunch now of another 1/2 scoop of Prydes Old Timer and 3 x chaff.
    I can finally see some weight gain!! I will keep the lupins idea as a back up.
    Thank you to those who offered their advice.
  6. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    well helllooooooo Belle the Babe lol

    Glad to hear Dom is on the mend, such a trooper.

  7. Bell The Babe

    Bell The Babe Active Member

    Hi Nanny :)
    We are getting there! Poor Dom did not travel well. 7 days travel and he came off the truck really skinny (prominent ribs). I spent a fortune on acupuncture and massage for his sore back and hip. Tail rubbed raw...
    Not sure he'll ever get back to his old self. It's going to be a long road :(

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