Wee foal tests

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by nklpark, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. nklpark

    nklpark Well-known Member

    Who has used it? and how did you collect the urine sample

    my mares not rugged so the plastic bottle isn't an option

    yes she was preg tested but i just want check if she's still in foal and she hates needles and needs to be sedated for preg tests
  2. I think it would be easier getting a vet out and sending the bloods off.
    With Pregnamare it is too late with the urine test it is too tricky:cool:
    Good luck:)
  3. nklpark

    nklpark Well-known Member

    Thanks Coliban, i usually only do the 14-19day scan and check for twins, this was just to check if she was still in foal for my own peace of mind. Im lucky to have a really great equine vets just up the road and one of the vets lives on our place so really easy to get the vet out :)

    But for anyone else curious about using them ....

    wee test arrived and after deciding i wasn't going to be watching her all day and chasing her with a bucket to catch a wee sample i rugged her up in new hot pink and black rug, which i couldn't get the belly straps done up on and duct taped a sanitary pad close enough to catch a sample. After checking her hourly for the next 4 hours I finally had a soggy pad to squeeze some urine out of

    the test was super easy, a couple of drops mix with diluting solution and then put on the little pregnancy test cassette and wait 5-10 mins for results

    YAY wee test is positive for in foal

    I won't be replacing my vet with a wee foal checker but was an interesting little experiment and no vet or horse was stressed or harmed in the process :D
  4. PsoasPony

    PsoasPony Guest

    I have used the wee test in the past. I waited with my mare for over an hour with a clean bucket. We had a couple of stop/starts as she was a little put off by me trying to catch something with the bucket, but I did get my sample!
    Unfortunately it confirmed my theory that she had slipped at some point. Bummer!
  5. old_mate

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    :blink: if I had tried to get a wee sample off my mare with a bucket it would have taken more than a hour......she would only wee if I was walking away from her. I did not want her in foal so I got the vet and had to do a blood test.
    Much easier with geldings you know they are not going to get up the duff even if a stallion gets where he should not be.
  6. seedytoe

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    I had occasion to use the wee foal test...... lucky that my little mare hated weeing in the stable so...... shut her in there for a while, first thing she needs when she's let out is a wee :) ready with a container and off we go :)
  7. mineees

    mineees Gold Member

    weve had wrong results from blood tests and all right results from the wee test. we tape paper towel to them and once the have wee'ed we ring it out and test is done...

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