Washing saddle pads

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by suga1624, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    lol i put everything in the washing machine and never even thought of a washing bag!!!
    awesome idea :D
  2. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    white saddle mats

    step 1
    fill bath so mats are covered. add washing powder

    Step 2
    swish it around until the water is gross

    step 3
    empty tub and repeat

    Step 4
    drain tub, cover dirty bits in stain removing soap
    leave for a little bit (until other washing is done)

    Step 5

    put in washing machine

    = clean white saddle mats
  3. HorseSlave

    HorseSlave Well-known Member

    Pressure washer for those things that can't go in the machine, like thick saddle pads. Otherwise, into the horse gear washing machine in the shed. Yep - my horses have their own washing machine :)
  4. realalvin

    realalvin New Member

    I just put mine in the washing machine. it's a harrison howard. it think it's okay. Because the saddle pad is very durable. the material won't fade.
  5. PlumpRump

    PlumpRump New Member

    Great idea! Saves me cleaning out the bloody washer. Im going to use this for all of my furry animal gear now - thanks!

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