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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by celestialdancer, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

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    Totally agree**)

    I thought pony club was for children to have fun not Ag Shows, define Agricultural shows by google

    An agricultural show is a public event showcasing the equipment, animals, sports and recreation associated with agriculture and animal husbandry. The largest comprise a livestock show (a judged event or display in which breeding stock is exhibited), a trade fair, competitions, and entertainment

    Would love to see some more results though:D


  2. jlnew

    jlnew Well-known Member

    spud certainly is a quality horse, his young owner spend 3 hours prepping him on th friday night, and was worried his plaits wouldnt be good enough. his owner does it all herself, she is a fantastic girl, and im very proud to have her as one of our friends. to win sos she was up against her mum, so she is even more impressed with her win. :))

    also, ag shows not for kids to have fun? without our kids there on saturday, th numbers would have been very dissapointing, its our kids that support th local show.
  3. Janet Winter

    Janet Winter Guest

    Spud as in thee Spud :)
  4. beks

    beks Well-known Member

    CAV quoted:
    Practise at home. If you want to use as a show as 'practise' well that is not my problem nor is it my problem if its your first show or if your horse went through a fence the day before.

  5. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    Its happened before, many times where a competitor has competed with a horse that has injured itself the day before or on the way to the show. Then they tell us judges all about it expecting us to take that into consideration.
  6. CCDC

    CCDC Well-known Member

    Sure is Moneeka's spud Janet.
  7. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    I think Un-rego'd horse / ponies should be aloud in the SOS line-up - if they are in the SHow Program. **) But I was told that Ag. Shows are ment to follow the Royal Rules & regs- so then there shouldnt be Un-rego'd horses/ Ponies at Ag. Shows. ';':confused:

    Soopy- I'm taking a youngster out to Harvey as a training day *#)

  8. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    :eek: My Alice is Unreg and is certainly not rubbish lol. She's been out 3 times for a Supreme at one show against much more mature horses, and a Champion at another show. It's nothing to do with her conformation, temperament and overall show presentation, that the Stud where she was bred failed to do the relevant paperwork :mad:
    I could get her reg'd something, but am not going to as she is really only being developed as a future kid's pony and *hopefully* official hack. Pedigree is not required for these....but at least I do know if ppl ask :)

    I don't think Unreg'd should be up for SOS tho....there's not much point and it's a bit disrespectful for all those with the paperwork in place to further breed. If you followed this train of thought tho...Supreme Show Hunters and Show Ponies shouldn't be up for SOS either....unless they are reg'd animals ';'
  9. Big Bay Booga

    Big Bay Booga Well-known Member

    Ummmm any results for the official hacking and hunters? Also what were the numbers like in these classes?
  10. karleee

    karleee New Member

    Thanks cav for judging me and spud...and thanks for the SoS :)

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  11. karleee

    karleee New Member

    Well,he used to be hers :p
  12. mysticmoondancer04

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    Would love to see a pic of Spud :) I remmeber him from when Moneeka owned him and I also sponsored the SOS ridden
  13. karleee

    karleee New Member

    here you go!
  14. mysticmoondancer04

    mysticmoondancer04 Well-known Member

    Congratulations **) lovely horse
  15. karleee

    karleee New Member

    thankyou mysticmoondancer04 :)

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