Waroona Ag results and photos!

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by lucas and brad, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. biscay

    biscay Well-known Member

    Its okay Beau, Deschuur slapped me for not introducing you hehe SORRRY haha Nah that was Jafeica that was sitting down next to me with your grand daughter giving us those cuddles. Desch was behind us chatting to Arab Lover hehe.. OOPS :p
  2. lucas and brad

    lucas and brad Well-known Member

    I really loved this show this yr! Best turn of welsh cobs ive seen at any breed show. So because of the high welsh numbers, does this mean welsh will be on Waroona's program next year? **)
  3. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    leave your money on my fridge :p he he he he he...only joking. :D

  4. Rambo

    Rambo New Member

    you might have to ask citygirl that as shes the new organiser!!! hehehe :p:p:D:D isnt that right lee ???!!!

    Id say a big yes for the welshies **) awesome turnout and great support

  5. Jocko

    Jocko Well-known Member

    Great to hear you put your hand up to run the show Lee .**)
  6. lucas and brad

    lucas and brad Well-known Member

    Hahahaha :p Well i'll definitely be out there next yr with the welsh cobs in tow!
  7. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

    Well wat a weekend, Thanks Beau for letting me and the crew plus ponies stay the night. The ponies loved the warm bath they got there.

    Well I am pretty happy with my halter results, my mare got Champion Pinto Mare and my colt got Reserve Champ Pinto Colt. We scratch the ridden as the rings were way to small for so many horses.

    This was my colt that got reserve, I was quite shocked in the way she did it as well, but once the horse is ribboned they can not take it back, so it was really a win lose situation that the judge and organisers were stuck in. Maybe a little talk before judging commence next time will stop this from happening.

    but i guess in the show conditions the judges decision is final, and who are we to argue there decision.

    Anyway was a top weekend beside some hiccups.... Well Done Beks, and everyone else involved.
  8. Reigate

    Reigate Well-known Member

    Well done everyone!! :)

    I have just seen this thread :)

    Zendor - do you mind if I pinch those pics of Carli for our updates page on our site???? HUGE Congrats with her :) Shes looking amazing :)
  9. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    that fine shell... go for it
  10. MikeyMike

    MikeyMike New Member

    C o n g r a t s f e

    Congratulations Fe
    Your doin an amazing job with my boy !
  11. Rambo

    Rambo New Member

    Hi All,

    mods deleted my other thread regarding the second photographer at the waroona show.

    please PM me for more info as his photos are now up :)*



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