Waroona Ag results and photos!

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  1. Nomie

    Nomie Well-known Member

    I think my poor Rachael had had enough by the ridden... She waited so so long ready and eager, she also wanted to do some games. By the time her classes we finally on.. So were the games so she missed out on half of what she wanted to do.. And to top it all off never got called back in for reserve champion.. I know she wouldn't have got it but it would have been nice to be remembered.
  2. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    It is the responsability of the competitor to make sure you get yourself in for reserve champion. A Judge does not have to wait and find you.

    I had this problem at a show recently, the person eligible for reserve was called for twice. They were off talking and missed the boat.

    Well done all.....
  3. Nomie

    Nomie Well-known Member

    Rachael was standing at the gateway of the ring waiting... They never called her back.. just placed reserve without even looking around for her
  4. Nomie

    Nomie Well-known Member

    Oh and Liberte Doo Dah, Nice to meet you.. and thank you for all your help and kind words to Rach throughout the day and when she was upset. I thought your boy worked very nicely in the ring and deserved his ribbons. Especially seeing he had only been cantering for a week.
    Rach will get there, she's only 12 it's all a big learning curve for her at the moment. I just like her to enjoy herself but I guess it can't always be smiles.. lol She'll be back with Andy at Brunswick.. at least she'll get to do some jumping then too.
  5. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    sadly...the Judge/s were placing reserve first then Champion...so the second place-getter NEVER had the chance to be called back in. #( this happened on many ocations in a couple of rings.

  6. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    It happened with the Pinto stallions and Colts..Reserve was sashed first so 2nd place to champ never had the chance to come in...I went straight to the organisers and explained wat was going on and that being a sponsor of the breed(cost me a fair wack)i wasnt happy & i wonted it at least run properly when it came to champs & reserves?(wasnt worried them placing 3rd to 1st)...After that the breed was run properly..But unfortunately left one competitor very upset..Which is understandable.
  7. Delrae

    Delrae Gold Member

    I agree it is a shame when judges forget that the 2nd place getter has the right to contest for reserve champion too

    As a competitor and indeed a sponsor I would have been really peeved if I was at a show that didnt not conform to correct judging techniques
  8. Topklass

    Topklass Well-known Member

    What an amazing weekend!
    We left Quairading at 3 am to go to Waroona. Only took 3 hours which suprised me and plenty of roos on the road.
    Big thanks to Carol Wells for the use of the car and to Heidi for sponsoring the Pintos.
    It was great to see heaps of Stockies, especially Dreshur.
    Duke was a complete toff, travelled with little buckskin section A filly Bumble Bee and didn't blink an eye. So much for stallion behavior!
    Ended up with Champion AORB Stallion,Supreme Pinto and SUPREME OF SUPREMES. WOW! Lovely garland, trophy & embroidered satin rug - and it fits!
    Didn't get back to bed till about9pm. Getting too old for those hours.*#)LOL
  9. Cowgirl_212

    Cowgirl_212 New Member

    Congrats Dee on your win!! What was the results for the ridden??? :))
  10. angelTricia

    angelTricia Well-known Member

    Sorry everyone about the photos not being up yet I went and laid down as they were going to take awhile to get on the net like about 3hrs to upload to my site and I fell alseep lol watchinf a movie I must of been worn out but it was a long day for me I left at 6:30 from Midland and didnt get to the grounds until 8:25 so I got there just in time but I didnt get home till about 7:30pm so I can only imagine how tired all the competitors and stewards etc... would of been.

    I will put a post in the Product & Service Promotions thread to let you all know they are up reason they arent up now is while I was asleep my pc lost internet connection so got to upload them again.
  11. Jane_lee

    Jane_lee Active Member

    Thank you Beau
    for sponsoring the supreme Riding pony My pony Beckworth rising sunrise Won it he is pictured here showing his rug of[​IMG]
    e also won the supreme Arabian derivitive with counrty Elegance she also won Champion ridden English Horse

    And Owendale Firefly won Champion Derivitive stallion or colt and Supreme Welsh A or B Exhibit and Mini and Fly made the top 5 also

    We where the First to arrive and the last to leave It was a great day for us Winning 4 woolen rugs Thank You to all the Sponsers and Organisers
  12. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Don't stress Trish :). Most photographers ask people to be patient for up to a week for the photo's to be online as, as you know it can take a while and is a big job!

    Congratulations everyone on your results! I've been checking back in here frequently to see how you all went!
  13. Pinto Lover

    Pinto Lover Well-known Member

    Who were the photographer's? How do I get intouch with them as they took some photo's of my little bloke with his HUGE garland on....
  14. Liberte Doo Dah

    Liberte Doo Dah Active Member

    Was nice to meet you too... Good on Rachael for giving it a go!!! We all have to start somewhere... Be sure to tell her that her bloke looks great for his age.. wouldn't have picked it **)
  15. angelTricia

    angelTricia Well-known Member

    I ws one of the photograhers I dont know who the guy was taking pics he's not a stockies advertiser but there were alot of people with cameras so prob could of been other photographers there too
  16. Liberte Doo Dah

    Liberte Doo Dah Active Member

    Is that you Carly?

    Ridden Standardbred: 1st Beefiftytoo, 2nd Adina Park Phedora, 3rd Non-member *Nomie's daughters boy*
    Ridden Mare: 1st Adina Park Phedora
    Ridden Gelding: 1st Beefiftytoo, 2nd Non-member *Nomie's daughters boy*
    Champion Ridden: Beefiftytoo
    Reserve Champion Ridden: Adina Park Phedora
  17. beau

    beau Well-known Member

    Thank you Jane Lee for showing us your lovely pony and wearing the rug, I missed that event so nice to see who the winner was.:):)
  18. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    angeltricia, did you get any photo of my boy in the derivative ring by any chance. Do you have a link to your page where the photos will be put up please.:)
  19. angelTricia

    angelTricia Well-known Member

    I just put the photos up see the products and service promtions part of the forums or click on my signature to goto my site

    Also Pinto Lover is this your little boy and his huge garland???

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  20. deschuur

    deschuur Gold Member

    Well done everyone :)* I had a great time catching up with old stockies and meeting some new ones too:D Beau, sorry I did not formally meet you heheh Bisc forgot to introduce us:p

    And well done to Topklass and Tycoon - Duke is just soooo gorgeous:D

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