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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Lilac, Jun 25, 2011.

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    Having read your posts it's as plain as day that you have absolutely no horse experiences of any merit, let alone bred anything of substance. So why would someone remotely feel the need to justify themselves to you?
    You couldn't even understand the posts! :lol: Nor the context of how they were presented ie: that this person said they worked in or with an establishment that bred a good number of different breeds each year. You obviously had no concept of a "breeding facility" or what goes on in such a place.

    Yes, the fact that some people use their experiences to actually form opinions is lost on the goat.


    (Soz admin but I think this probably sums up things pretty well).
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  2. Does anybody speak Spanish?*#) Would love to know what the guy was saying to the goat!:lol:
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    It doesn't matter what he was saying. You can't talk sense to goats.
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  5. Pure bred IMP Freisian mares are going to Blu!:)

    We are very chaffed to see these beautiful mares being bred to our Big Boy Blu next year.



    Would be very interesting to see how he crosses on them:)
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    Wow that could be a super cross, what do you call them?( the cross not the mares)

    Apart from stunning of course?
  7. madison

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    I've got a half Clydesdale half Quarter horse mare who is a really nice type so I suspect the off spring from these girls will be to die for
  8. It would be a 50% Freisian x 50% QH:) haha
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    Jaana's Tally was a Friesian x QH. I was lucky enough to meet him in the flesh before he got sick. He was a very impressive horse, a lot of presence.

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