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    Hello everyone,

    Got a few things that needs to be brought up in regards to the WAQHA State Championships.

    Firstly the dressage tests have changed, they are now as follows:

    ? Open Novice 2A ? is now Novice 2.3
    ? Open Prelim 1C ? is now Prelim 1.3
    ? Junior Youth Prelim 1A ? is now Prelim 1.1
    ? Senior Youth Prelim 1D ? is now Prelim 1.2
    ? Select Amateur Novice 2B ? is now Novice 2.2
    ? Amateur Novice 2B ? is now Novice 2.2

    There will be a slight program change:

    ? The Friday night features; Youth & Amateur Western Pleasure and the Youth Judging will now be held on Saturday night, one hour after event 93 ? Lead line 4 to 8 yrs and before the Trail.

    At the Hi Point Awards Presentation there will be a door prize, the winner will receive a crisp $100 note! So make sure you stay for the presentations, make sure you get your ticket and then cross your fingers!

    We are also hoping to have a small raffle to be running during the show, please buy a ticket, more details soon.

    Reminder that prize money won at the State Show will be posted out after the show.

    The committee is looking for some volunteers to help run the show. Remember if you are a WAQHA member you could be entitled to a show credit from the club. If you can help with any of the following, please email michelle.parton@waqha.com.au as soon as you can:

    ? Dressage Penciller for the Friday afternoon dressage classes
    ? Inside gate marshall for the Friday afternoon
    ? Outside gate marshall for the Saturday afternoon/evening
    ? Outside gate marshall for the Sunday afternoon

    There is a Melissa Jones ?Free Showmanship Clinic? right after the State Show hi point presentations on Sunday 6th April. Fence sitting is now only available and yes it's FREE and is unlimited, so make sure you hang around and make the most of this FREE clinic this does not happen very often. You will learn loads from Melissa who has who has coached clients to be world champions in this event.

    The judge has agreed to post patterns before the event. These will go up shortly.

    Don?t forget to print your own program and patterns and take to the show.

    Don?t forget there are Hi Point Awards for WAQHA Financial Members and Hi Point Overall Awards, this year there will also be Runner Up Prizes for these categories.

    And last but not least, a reminder that the State Election is on Saturday 5th April, so please make sure you make your arrangements so you can vote, whether it be a postal vote or before or after the show, bearing in mind we do have evening feature events too.

    See you there 

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