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  1. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    I didn't go today but thought I would start the results thread.

    Massive congrats to Admiral with the Standardbred Adina Park Phedora (aka Jeda) on her SOS win **)**)**)**)
  2. shaz71

    shaz71 Well-known Member

    home and just unpacked, :p diesel went BP QH and supreme QH and supreme AOR as a WAPA sport horse, wiht alex showing him.
    we also got = 1st in ridden breed gelding and = reserve as the judge felt it was to hard to pick between two different disciplines :D
    bay it was great to finally meet molly, she is stuning, was great to catch up aftre all this time. its been way to long xo
    had a great day, very well run show, well done wanneroo, and congrats to everyone who competed**)
    thanks to everyone for all the nice things they said about diesel xo
  3. stormie

    stormie Well-known Member

    well i took my girl cassie
    she placed 3rd in best presented
    2nd and reserve champion standardbred to the stunning SOS winner Adina Park Phedora
    Big Congrats to Admiral for winning SOS
    big thankyou to Bayley who was happy to show cassie for me

    Proud Big Sis (Cassie) with Little Sis (Misty)


    congrats shaz71 on your great results
  4. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    Had a fab day with my little furball scootymonster! Thanks to all the organisers and Petrina who ran everything sooooo smoothly, it was nice to finally put a face to the name. Thanks to the judges lovely comments and also to the sponsors, I am looking forward to collecting my prize! And a special thanks to the little rider who got asked yesterday to ride my pony, only met him today and rode him for 10 minutes before going in her class, you were a star! Didn't stay for SOS Ridden as had family commitments!

    And yes that was my darling daughter that yelled out MUUUUMMMMMMYYYYYY at the top of her lungs across the grounds during the picking of the SOS! :)

    So we took home...

    Champion Buckskin Gelding
    Supreme Buckskin & trophy and special sash, thank you WABA.
    Res Champ Welsh A & B Gelding
    Champion Arab Deriviative Gelding
    Champion Ridden Breed 12.2hh & under


    He was sooooooo tired, it was super hard to keep his little eyes open for photos!!!
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  5. brumby_78

    brumby_78 Guest

    what is SOS?? (yep not a show person)
  6. Chelsea

    Chelsea Active Member

    supreme of supreme
  7. brumby_78

    brumby_78 Guest

    thanks :)

  8. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Well I am exhausted but thrilled! Molly was a star and made it her 3rd Supreme Champion in a row. The judge loved her and said what a beautiful cross she is (thanks!!!). She also was on her best behaviour standing around all arvo while I took Rennae and her pony Sweetie in the leading rein.

    I was so proud of Rennae, her 1st halter show and just 7 years old and she went Reserve Champ Handler! She came home with a tonne of ribbons from the halter and ridden. Huge thanks to Delrae who was great with the lead line kids :)*

    Was absolutely great to catch up with you Shaz and Diesel is looking amazing! Glad to hear he went so well in the ridden :) So how many broad ribbons did you take home again? :p And my gosh Alex has grown! He towers over me now!

    And congrats Brenda, the judge commented on what a lovely mare Cassie is and she was a pleasure to show.

    Congrats Admiral on a well deserved win with your lovely girl!

    Thanks to the committee on a well run and enjoyable show.

    And finally, MASSIVE THANK YOU to Chrissy who made life 100 times easier. She helped from loading in the morning to the final unloading tonight, you are an absolute legend and I can not thank you enough!
  9. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Just found out that Supreme ridden breed was the Standardbred Adina Park Phedora. She went on to back that up with also winning Supreme unofficial hack! More MASSIVE congrats to Admiral and her mum! **)**):)):)) so basicly they won every SOS or Grand Champion on offer today :)
  10. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    Oh I saw your little one being ridden Cav....STUNNING!
    So so cute :)

    I reaaaaallllllyyyyy want the little dark dapple grey welshie with the 4 white stockings *#)

    Was a lovely day in the sun, some nice horses going around.

    I went to support some friends and they all did super well **)
  11. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    Stunning horse, and I learnt something new today in that people cover over the SB neck brand. There was another black SB there too that was lovely **)
  12. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Both blacks are Admirals horses :)
  13. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    Those SB's are a credit to Admiral, she always shows them turned out beautifully and boy can they move, I was very happy to come runner up to her! :)*
  14. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    cav, i was marshall in ur buckskin ring - thanks for helping me out! i saw your adorable girl wanting to sit in the "big chair" next to her grandpa up at the clubrooms too. so cute (there was a small sized chair perfect for kidlets there).

    surprising to see so many stockies! haha.

    i met cadabby too, who made the BIG drive from kellerberrin - WOW is all i can say.

    the SOS standy mare is truly inspiring. REALLY makes me wanna get my lil brown pony out & i was really motivated by how immaculate & amazing all the standies were, but especially those two stunning blacks. just an absolute credit.

    and i now have a leg/foot tan from sitting in the sun with Princeton. yeah!
  15. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    I got so burnt LOL
  16. RPM

    RPM Well-known Member

    Congrats to everyone on your fantastic results, what a beautiful day :)*

    HUGE CONGRATS to Admiral on your outstanding wins with your STUNNING SB's and to Cav for Runner-Up **)
  17. Chelsea

    Chelsea Active Member

    well seeming as photo bucket is not playing nice i will post my results now ad photos later
    Bellas Legacy aka Misty
    4th best presented standardbred
    3rd standardbred mare 4+
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  18. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    we got

    1st handler 17-21yrs
    3rd best presented unreg
    1st mare 4+
    champ mare
    supreme unreg exibit

    ridden walk trot

    3rd best presented
    1st rider 18- 21yrs
    1st galloway 14-15hh
    2nd ladies galloway
    1st lightweight galloway
    1st pleasure galloway

    reserve champion galloway

    so very proud of skye.
    not that some people will believe me as i think i heard some comments.
    skyes only been broken in since jan and its only her 3rd ridden show.
    shes done the silver buckle clinics as well.

    so very very tired but also very very proud

    oh and thanks petrina for a great show
    mum for taking me and plaiting skye
    donna for the makeup and advice
    the silver buckle organisers for the inhand tips and tricks
    and everybody else who cheered us on







    didnt get an on the neck shot so had to settle for on the couch:
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  19. Chelsea

    Chelsea Active Member

    SOS standardbred mare Adina Park Phedora

    sorry about the size photo bucket not playing
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  20. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    Wow some super results today... A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Admiral, you and your horses always look immaculate and absolutely stunning...**)
    It was a gorgeous day, I imagine a few people did get burnt...hope its not too bad Princeton.;) ouch.

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