Wanneroo Horse & Pony Club - Beginners Hack Day

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Janet, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. wild gurl

    wild gurl New Member

    what is the walk trot canter class for theres no ring on it ?????
    can i do walk trot canter or not ???

    ill be on my lil hack lol 15.2 tb bay gelding lol hes a bit dappled at the moment tho bahah

    so that means il be in pocket rockets and lil -welshs class =D
  2. mad -horse

    mad -horse Active Member

    The walk trot canter adult is in the same ring as the walk trot adult it is following the completion of the walk trot then the walk trot canter program starts
  3. wild gurl

    wild gurl New Member

    ah i see so that means if im 17 the only ring i can compete in is the walk trot ring 3???
  4. Janet

    Janet Guest

    If you are 17 you can compete in:

    Ring 3 Walk & Trot 13 to 17 years
    Ring 5 walk trot and canter 13 to 17 years

    janet :)
  5. wild gurl

    wild gurl New Member

    AH :) finally got it thank u :) do u have any ide what time the measurer is gettin there ?
  6. Janet

    Janet Guest

    I'll call her right now :)
    ok, I have called her. She will know more on Monday.
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  7. Imperial

    Imperial Well-known Member

    hi Cav. i'll be there covering the day. so im sure to get photos of the horses in some stunning garlands:))
  8. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Entries close this week 24th October. Entries on the day will inccur a $10 fee unless you notify me :)
  9. Kaisi

    Kaisi Well-known Member

    Janet is there any chance we can pay by direct debit?

    I'm too lazy to get a money order :p
  10. Janet

    Janet Guest

    The pony club doesnt have that facility, are you local as you can drop it into my letter box if that helps?
  11. BeccaBoo

    BeccaBoo Well-known Member

    If you're home tomorrow morning Janet, I'll drop my entry off to you when I go up and do Lark :)

    Grrrrrrr!!!! Scrap that plan.... my bloody printer is refusing to work 'Printer is offline, please check that the cable is connected and the power is on' *Becc looks at the cable running from the printer to the computer, and the green ON light* #(
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  12. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Dont stress Bec :) I have spare copies here. just call out.
  13. hope_jordan

    hope_jordan Active Member

    i will be attenting the show so hope to see and meet some stockies..
  14. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Hi hope_jordan,
    there are quite a few stockies going, I'll be in the office early come say hi.:)
    Good luck and enjoy
  15. wild gurl

    wild gurl New Member

    hey janet any ideas yet with the time of the height cert person lol sorry =p
  16. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    oi tiva get off stockies and go study!
  17. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Just a reminder that entries close tomorrow. You can enter on the day but that will cost you an extra $10:(
    If your entry is going to be late just send me an email to avoid paying the extra $10 :)

  18. Janet

    Janet Guest

    entries close today... I will waiver any late fee if notified :)

    only 32 entries accross 7 rings :(

    Might be a very quiet day... only 2 in Leadrein... where's a kid when you need one..ha ha.
  19. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    Oh janet that is very disappointing!!!

    After all the enthusiasm this year for beginner shows and now no support!

    I hope you get lots more entries!!!

    If you get no more leadrein can you please let me know. ;)
  20. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member


    WHPC beginners days are always packed to the brim!!
    thats so weird!

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