Wanneroo Horse & Pony Club - Beginners Hack Day

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Janet, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Pocket Rocket

    Pocket Rocket Well-known Member

    Atleast 3 people want you BOTH to come!
    - me
    - Janet
    - CWAC!!!

    come on.... you cant say nooooo when at least 3 people want you to come:D :D :D :D :D
  2. magic_impact

    magic_impact Well-known Member

    Can someone please email me a program/entry form? I think Janet must have missed my email or is still catching up with all the requests for forms!

    rburgess @ skm . com . au
    (spaces removed)

  3. Pocket Rocket

    Pocket Rocket Well-known Member

    i sent it to you =]
  4. Jump Off

    Jump Off Well-known Member

    I might go to this if I don't have anything else on that weekend :)
  5. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Sorry, just got in from working in the city.... thanks Pocket Rocket :)
  6. Jadelise

    Jadelise Well-known Member

  7. Imperial

    Imperial Well-known Member

    ive sent you a copy^
  8. odway

    odway Guest

  9. Jess&Sabby

    Jess&Sabby Well-known Member

    i would love to go to this but wanneroo bit to far for me lol
  10. Imperial

    Imperial Well-known Member

    sent one to you odway
  11. odway

    odway Guest

    Thanks lea!
  12. Moondust

    Moondust Well-known Member

    I might take Rusty and give this hacking thing a go that i know nothing about apart from make your grey as clean as possible!!! hehe. Ive been to it once before when i very first got him. Hes been on holidays for the whole year and back in work now, so a nice flatwork show to start off with :)

    Can someone please send me a program?
  13. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    ohh ren can I come strap for you at it ?! :)
  14. Moondust

    Moondust Well-known Member

    Would love you to tarz!!! :D You can teach me a thing or two about hacking!
  15. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    Yay! hehe, will talk to you about it online tonight :) :)
  16. mad -horse

    mad -horse Active Member

    I might take my hack to this one and one of the little ones for first ridden
  17. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    see you ther mad horse*#) *#)
  18. Animosity

    Animosity Well-known Member

    How far is Waneroo from Bunbury?
    It is very very tempting, especially as though it is a beginner day :p

    Could someone please e-mail me the programme? If it is in PDF format then dont worry about it, my computer doesnt like them :(

    Good luck anyway!
  19. mad -horse

    mad -horse Active Member

    Will do might be fun i havent shown (ridden myself)for nearly 18 years it might be entertaining
  20. Pocket Rocket

    Pocket Rocket Well-known Member

    animosity... its about 2:30- 3 hour drive, with a horse float:D

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