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  1. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Working Hunter RAS qualifier: Horse must be registered with the EFA & Hold a SH performance card.

    Working Hunter: Any rider can compete in the working hunter as they do not need to be an “official” rider.

    Unofficial Working Hunter: has no rules as they do not recognize it. As a club WH&PC can offer an Unofficial Working Hunter using whatever guidelines we wish and allow ANYONE (Including Olympic Level…lol) to enter. This will not convene any SH rules as they will not recognize the event.

    So to sum up…
    Our RAS Qualifier is open to any horse or rider that is EFA registered and holds a current SH Performance card.
    Our Unofficial Working Hunter is open to anyone regardless or status.
    Also there is no conflict with a rider competing in both the RAS qualifier & the unofficial (obviously on 2 different horses)


    PS: I've listed the draw again as Australia post just delivered me some very late mail. That was posted on friday.... dont you love our mail service...LOL
    NO MORE entries will be accepted... regardless of the post date.

    Working Hunter Draw Times

    A/B # Time Name Horse
    Height to jump shall be 30cm
    1 9.00 Molly Egan Jaamon Lillyput
    2 9.05 Elizabeth Laycock Judaroo Wishlist
    3 9.10 Sammy Bain Globrook Toyboy

    31 9.15 Chelsea Bager Wendamar Chatterbox
    32 9.20 Alice James Judaroo Gameboy
    33 9.25 Giorgia Tanner Akuna-ma-ta-ta
    34 9.30 Charm Bager Wendamar Chatterbox
    35 9.35 Tiesha Giddings Winston
    36 9.40 Isabella Dobson Splash

    Height to jump shall be 60cm
    4 9.50 Alira Duffy Berrymore Royalty
    5 9.55 Sammy Bain Wendamar Tomahawk
    6 10.00 Molly Egan Penley Nevarda
    7 10.05 Chloe Chester Bevanlee Christopher Robin

    37 10.10 Natasha Aravitis Rio Tinto Fantasia
    38 10.15 Maddie Roe Billy Brown
    39 10.20 Kelly Stevens Morningside Showdown
    40 10.25 Chelsea Bager Karma Park Innaminka
    41 10.30 Natasha Mc Cormick Karma Park Skyshow
    42 10.35 Kate Drummond Toddy
    43 10.40 Alice James Kavalier
    44 10.45 Sheridan Tanner Wendamar Talent
    45 10.50 Courtney McEntee Lucy Lu
    46 10.55 Kelly Stevens Karma Park Jag
    47 11.00 Hanna Jane Holdsworth Trapalander
    48 11.05 Natasha Mc Cormick Trapalanda Downs Galaxy
    49 11.10 Caitlin Deacon - Gannaway Ellenjay Jessica
    50 11.15 Isabella Dobson Redback

    Height to jump shall be 70cm
    8 11.25 Donna McNally Casanova
    9 11.30 Jordan Sprlyan EK Top Gun
    10 11.35 Melissa Ellery Moash Glamour

    52 11.40 Sammy Bain Jack
    53 11.45 Trina Blum Choc Chip
    54 11.50 Keeley Copeman Maralinga Stormy Knight
    55 11.55 Tanya Coates Munchkin
    56 12.00 Julie Edey Pencander Masquerade
    57 12.05 Megan Coghlan Jazz
    58 12.10 Caroline Shackleton Sprite
    59 12.15 Erin Hegarty Bubbles

    Height to jump shall be 85cm
    11 12.25 Tony Sprlyan Amicus
    12 12.30 Julia Conti Jaybee Voorn
    13 12.35 Seona Kendal Foxley Loxley
    14 12.40 Lisa Walton Chevalier Park Conique
    15 12.45 Candice Parkes Check Mate
    16 12.50 Sara Botten Last Aurora
    17 12.55 Rachael Badger Impeccable Lad

    60 1.05 Matilda Sullivan Helms Deep Cloudstreet
    61 1.10 Jill Muhling Flying Colours
    62 1.15 Ashleigh Innes Moonlight Masquerade
    63 1.20 Kyara Skinner Solomons Gold
    64 1.25 Laina Black Yarrada Christmas Gift
    65 1.30 Yasamin Bordbar Talquah Zillionaire
    66 1.35 Kristy Whitnel Danzarman
    67 1.40 Katie Stevens Twistie

    Dont forget the sunscreen....LOL *#)
  2. Pocket Rocket

    Pocket Rocket Well-known Member

    sorry if its a stupid Q. but i dont get the flatwork, workout, so i asked cwac and she doesnt get it either lol can anyone help me?? hehe

    im coming down around 9:30am i think, so i can watch the litte kids/heights go but i would like to have aruff idea of where to go!! hahaha
  3. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Dont worry Pockt Rocket, i will have the flatwork "workout" in a diagram form.
    You can grab a copy of it at the office. :)

  4. Pocket Rocket

    Pocket Rocket Well-known Member

    thanks Janet!!
  5. Late Starter

    Late Starter Well-known Member

    In addition to the coffee van will there be a canteen running for lunch and drinks or should we BYO?
  6. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Canteen will be operating serving Toasted Sandwiches, chips ect.

    Not long now...yay

    The rugs look great **)
  7. tilda

    tilda Well-known Member

    as theres no official rules for unofficial do you have to do both phases in the same saddle or can you change saddles for unofficial?
  8. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Same saddle as you wont have time to change. As soon as you have left the showjumping you must go straight to the hacking area and present to the judge. You can have a strapper remove your horses jump boots or bandages but nothing else.

  9. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    We are not going now, Keeley had a fall off Saint yesterday jumping and has lost her confidence now!#(

    Best of luck to everyone competing!
  10. tilda

    tilda Well-known Member

    ok thats fine, very excited now **)
  11. Late Starter

    Late Starter Well-known Member


    Just realised I don't know the address of the pony club, and can't even find it on the forms or the website; can someone tell me the address please?
  12. Janet

    Janet Guest

    woops Sorry (my bad) :eek:

    address is corner of Benmuni and Nicholas Roads Wanneroo.
    Easy to find, Turn off Lenore onto nicholas and drive staight to the end and your there. :D
  13. Janet

    Janet Guest

    Give Keeley a big hug from us. Maybe next time :)
  14. Carthorse

    Carthorse New Member

    Well home clean and happy, what a fantastic day.

    HUGE praise to Janet and the WHPC for a beautifully run day and such a great atmosphere, and thanks to the sponsors.

    We even managed to bring home a sparkly pink headcollar that Lox seems to feel VERY special in!
  15. Janet

    Janet Guest

    I want to see a picture of him in it.

    The poor Boy of all colours "pink"..he he
  16. naughtydog63

    naughtydog63 Well-known Member

    Working Hunter photos are avaliable at Duncan Pratt Photography.

    Duncan Pratt Photography

    Sorry it took so long, having computer malfunctions at the moment!!

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