wanneroo breed show-results & photos

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by tilda, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Keiko

    Keiko New Member

    Can someone please pm me the photographer info too? Thanks!!
  2. wizzard

    wizzard New Member

    I cant seem to be able to find the photographer. Can someone please Pm me?
    Thanks in advance!
  3. VIP Girl

    VIP Girl Well-known Member

    Wizzard & Keiko I have PM'ed you
  4. shaz71

    shaz71 Well-known Member

    be good to catch up midas, :))

    thanks cwacs, glad we had some out there **)
  5. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    very nice looking ones at that. would have had a mare there but i havent got her rego yet lol. think the geldings were all over 5 as well
  6. VIP Girl

    VIP Girl Well-known Member

    Supreme QH was Oro Embelesar.
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    Anyone got the rsults from the TB classes?**)
  8. Valencia Park Monty

    Valencia Park Monty Well-known Member

    Lexie ive sent it again
  9. Janet

    Janet Guest

    As organizers go, we do our best to make sure all the horses entered in the registered classes are indeed registered.

    Unfortunately a horse that was unregistered entered a registered class and won (didn’t even have any of the breeds characteristics :confused:) it was a genuine mistake by the owner (1st show) got confused and entered the wrong class.

    People need to be aware of what class they are going in and judges if you are judging an open multiple class, might be an idea to ask them what breed they are.
    Just a heads up for anyone out there showing, humans make mistakes ;)

    It was a great day but very tiring :)

  10. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    some pics from sunday :)

    dad and sandy

    beau and i

    milo22 and myself


    if anyone wants pics removed let me know **)
  11. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Could someone please pm me the photographer details. Thanks
  12. Maren

    Maren New Member

    Wanneroo Breed Show

    Just managed to get me logged in! First time on Stockyard.
    We had a lovely day at the Breed Show and I'm super proud of my 22month old colt Clayton Tirah, he was very well behaved considering it was his 2nd Breedshow ever and considering all the mares around us...
    I was a bit sad so, that our judge in Ring 3 forgot all about the Champion Male
    Reg. Heavy Breed and I was even sader to hear that the mare, who took the Supreme Heavy Horse over us was actually supposed to be in the Unregistered Horse section - She was a lovely looking mare, but more a show hack than a Heavy Breed. Never Mind.
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  13. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Hi Maren and welcome to Stockies. As the Ring 3 judge I have spoken with Janet regarding that. It is hard as a judge to know who has papers to what however will be in future ensuring I ask EVERYONE in any open type breed classes like that what breed they are, are they indeed registered and if in doubt I will have my steward run and ask the committee. Unfortunately this has happened at a few shows lately even not in open breed type classes, competitors need to make sure they are on the ball and if in doubt, ASK!

    As for missing your Champion ribbon I am very sorry! You should have pulled me up on it! I have never done that before so not sure how that happened. Honestly, I am very approachable, please just say hey, Champion ribbon as we are after all only human.

    As I said to you at the show, he is a lovely colt and again, welcome to Stockies.
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  14. wowww CWAC.
    ide def present her as a show hack :)
    shes gorgeous :D
  15. HorseaGal

    HorseaGal Active Member

    Polly was pretty well behaved. In the afternoon anyway.
    She got a bit of a fright walking down the path thru the bush and started pigrooting and pulling me around. She calmed down but then when we went in for her Part Welsh class she started jumping around and rearing! Yep that was me with the little bay pony who was rearing and pigrooting everywhere!!
    We still got 2nd in that class anyway :D
    She was fine when i rode her tho
    So we got:
    3rd in handler 13-17yrs (ring 4)
    2nd in Part Welsh mare
    1st in Ridden pony under 12.2h (breed)
    Champion ridden small pony :)
    Was impressed with her after her behaviour in the morning!
  16. Valencia Park Monty

    Valencia Park Monty Well-known Member

    WOW Jas Beau looks very nice! you must have been putting in alot of work :) and by the looks of it, it has paid off :) Well done!

    Sarah - i would show skye as a show horse as she is very pretty :)*
  17. Maren

    Maren New Member

    judging ring 3

    Hi again, please no offence !
    It's not about the ribbons and it's not personal.

    If you, let's say, compare the Pinto class with the Heavy Breed class: a solid horse enters the pinto class, wouldn't the judge ask the handler if they are maybe in the wrong class? And would a solid horse ever win the Supreme in the Pinto class if there's a Pinto there as well?
    (I'm not saying this as Tirah's owner, I know our workout wasn't that great -) but I also think the workout was not that bad either for a judge to chose a lightweight/medium hack that has no Heavy Breed characteristics whatsoever over a clear Heavy Horse . Sorry
  18. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    It's done, right :}

    One of the forum rules is to not discuss judging of particular events, nor the way particular shows are run.

    Humans err. Judges referrees and umpires are more prone to erring :p
  19. samm

    samm Gold Member

    Kimaley,where was your steward?
  20. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    Can members please remember stockyards ruling about comments regarding judges.
    Also non paid photo advertiser links are not allowed.
    Thank you.

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