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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Eddy_Soph, Oct 18, 2014.

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    So basically my horse has a thing for walking off whilst I'm mounting. Most horses do, which is fine as they need to balance themselves when we get up. However my horse will not even let me get my foot in the stirrup before spinning around and just about break my leg... I usually ask him to back up, but even then he has total disregard of me, I really have to push to ask him to go backwards. Usually by then he'll let me get up but other days it's 20 minutes of the same process. Backwards backward backwards!!! Any advice of how to keep him from moving off.. :blink:
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    Its my experience that any horse trained/started properly doesn't move off when mounting. The fact that your horse is so reactive would make me investigate any possible pain that mounting may be causing. Do you mount from the ground?

    I know several methods to fix this but really depends on what you want. Having your horses respectful and light on the ground first will go a long way to helping. By that i mean good ground manners where the horse moves off lightly in any asked direction and doesn't crowd you.

    Does your horse know the one rein stop? All my green breakers are taught this on the ground first and then i use it while mounting. The worst they can do then is step away from you.

    Besides the above you can also teach your horse to dock and line up to be mounted. Very useful when riding big horses so they learn to line up to whatever is handy and your taking away the possible pain caused by mounting from the ground.

    I teach this by first having the horse understand on the ground moving away from a light tap of the dressage whip by lightly tapping until they step. Then i stand on a mounting block (or fence or what ever i have) and DON"T get off it. I usually teach this first in a halter and lead (and lean over the horse) on a round yard fence (ie i sit on the fence).

    Basically by using the lead and the whip i position the horse so its where it should be to mount. I just use the whip to tap the horse lightly to bring its quarters to me and stop tapping the moment the horse takes even a half step. Have the lead rope instead of a bridle gives you more maneuverability. Then lean over etc and build from there to doing with bridle and saddle.
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    Hey, thanks for the advice I will defiantly give it a go but I've had a break through and I'm not sure what happened but he actually listens and enjoys my company to other horses... I've started doing lots of ground work, wether it be 10 minutes of 20, of getting him to halt when I stop and he has almost stopped moving off. I do usually mount from a mounting block as I have a bad knee but occasionally I do when out on trails to get a rock out. He is a standardbred also and it is rare that they are ever started thoroughly. He does have a stiff point on his back from his previous owner leaving him in the paddock for 3 years, but I've had an equisage lady come out and I ice it after any work if it's inflamed. I have had it checked by vet, it's simply just stiffness. Thanks so much and I can't wait to try the docking thing. :rockon:
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    This helped me thankyou

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