Vindictive horses?

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Court Eagle, Nov 2, 2009.

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    EVP - the fallout from "if you just try hard enough..." doesn't stop at some people. It can be destructive to most people.
    Let's face it - there's not much room at the top and few of us are fit to get there and if otherwise, why isn't the top spacious and we are not all there?
    We wanted, we tried, we bought the DVDs!

    Sparkie - I like you - whoever might be crazy:) *#) , but most of us lack the potential to be violin virtuosos, Nobel prize winners, chess masters and, dare I say, equestrian Olympians?
    When aspirations exceed limitations we are not only indulging in delusional thinking, we make ourselves miserable by setting up for failure.
    The 700 Habits of Highly Ineffective People has some great advice, ie "there is a fundamental problem with following your dreams: dreams are not real."
    Most of us would be happier if we avoided self-help gurus but aimed at tiny achievable goals. Then raise the bar a little each time you succeed.
    Don't take this to heart anyone, but I kind of like the Quentin Crisp quote: "If at first you don't succeed, failure may be more your style."

    Smash & Delrae my mirror cracks up.:D
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    Di loves me *#) Di loves me Di loves me *#) Di loves me *#) Di loves me *#) Di loves me Di loves me Di loves me *#)
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    :D :D :D :D :D shar!!!

    well said Trojane **)
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    Thanks Delrae - but I won't get into the luvy stuff!!! :D (don't think there's room for three)

    Racybeast - hope you don't mind your thread meandering,..:)
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    Wow what a thread!

    Sparkie, i get where you're coming from, and agree with a lot of what you say.

    Some people have said that we give horses too much credit. To those that have said that, i think you don't give them enough.

    They're not stupid.

    And Sparkie isn't saying bad behaviour is an excuse, and just let it slide. At least i don't think she is.
    Well, i'm not anyway. Not at all. But in dealing with a horse, you should understand where a behaviour is coming from and why the horse is doing it.
    Not just think that a horse is there to be ridden and it's just gotta do what its being told to. And just get rid of the bugger if it doesn't.
    It's not a robot.

    And i dunno if horse's can't reason. They know and understand herd mentality. To live in a group, no matter what the animal, they need to have a well formed structure with rules and consequences. They need to be able to interact.
    And they can predict consequences. They know they'll get a kick up the bum if they try to get fresh with the leader.
    And before you say, 'some horses will try it every day, makes them stupid'. No they're not. These are probably the more dominant ones. And if the leader gives them an inch, they'll take that as a win, and try again tomorrow, and try to take a bit more.
    The ones that don't try every day are the more submissive ones.

    This is also how they are able to predict the consequences of their actions with something they know they shouldn't be doing. Eg, trying to bite you. Once you've trained a behaviour to where the horse knows it's not acceptable, they do know they shouldn't do it, and they do know what will happen if they try. Again, the more dominant ones will try it everyday. They're not stupid, they're just trying to get a leg up.

    The thing is, is that you can't use words like 'good' or 'bad', because a horse doesn't know that, for eg. trying to become the leader over you is 'bad'.
    And if it gets told off for biting, then it might try to kick, and if it gets told off for kicking, it might lunge at you, or rear or whatever. But it is going 'through the list', so to say, of behaviours it knows, and will try ones in particular that have worked in the past.

    But it's not the 'nasty' or 'evil' ones that will try the most dangerous behaviours. Or the 'kind' ones that will only put an ear back once in a blue moon.
    I think it's the dominant ones that will display the most dangerous behaviours, and the submissive ones which won't.

    Yes, i do believe that horses have personalities.

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