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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by ALL4QHS, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. ALL4QHS

    ALL4QHS New Member

    Does anybody have contact details for Charlie Stewart please PM with details . I used to use him years ago and think he is very good. I have a horse with unexplained weight loss, even tho he is eating and teeth, wormed and drenching all have been done in the last 6 weeks. So far no-one has an answer. Many years ago I had a very sick horse and he spent a lot of time with her and she got better, so would like him to look at this horse
  2. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Have PM'd you his number. :)
    Good luck with your horse.
    I hope Charlie is able to help.
  3. frisospilgrim

    frisospilgrim New Member

    could you PM it to me to please? thanksss
  4. cleo

    cleo Well-known Member

    have PM you the number.
  5. Pinto Lover

    Pinto Lover Well-known Member

    He is the best vet, I have used him for years & years, best vet **)**)
  6. tariquepark

    tariquepark Well-known Member

    have to agree Charlie is great he doesnt spin any crap and is happy to help the horse and not bleed you for money at same time lol
  7. BellaSkip

    BellaSkip Well-known Member

    could someone pm me his number to? i have his mobile but i cant ring it atm.
  8. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    My favourite vet for sure. Not just a pretty face! :D
  9. Talullah

    Talullah Well-known Member

    I have many fond memories of Charlie...I worked for him for a little while and he tended to all our racehorses, saved a few of their lives too.
  10. BellaSkip

    BellaSkip Well-known Member

    ha ha talullah charlie is one of the vets telling me not to drench skip atm.
  11. Neet

    Neet New Member

    I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to PM me Charlie's number too,it would be much appreciated,
    Thanks in Advance :D
  12. Webby

    Webby Well-known Member

    Yep another big fan of Charlie, LOL about the pretty face. Straight shooter tells you how he sees it, he thinks you wasting your money and it should be shot he will tell you just that.
  13. BellaSkip

    BellaSkip Well-known Member

    true that webby. thats what he said, i rang him and said can you drench my horse? and he goes what for? so i told him the details and he goes i wouldnt bother just do this and this. save your money sweetheart.
  14. cleo

    cleo Well-known Member

    Have PM number to you.
  15. horse girl Jess

    horse girl Jess Well-known Member

    I'm sure he didn't mean 'save your money because your horse isn't work it'. Many vets believe drenching does not have any effect until a problem occurs (after all, why drench to move stuff out of the gut, if nothing is there?). He probably ment for you to save your money as it's not going to have an effect one way or another.
  16. Oldhack77

    Oldhack77 Gold Member

    while your all at it, can you please pm me too **)
  17. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Numbers on it's way OH :)
  18. Yarraman

    Yarraman Well-known Member

    Big Charlie fan too. Wouldn't call anyone else. Tells it like it is with no sugar coating. Would prefer honesty any day to empty expensive promises. :)*
  19. Random_Winger

    Random_Winger Well-known Member

    Another **) for Charlie. A wonderful vet and understands animals :) A great great man.
  20. Mysterygirl

    Mysterygirl New Member

    could someone please PM Charlie Stuarts info please. thank you :)

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