Uterine Cysts, any treatments?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by GGS, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. GGS

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    I have a mare in her later teens that has some large uterine cysts (up to an inch). She was PTIF at 45dys but never went onto have a foal. The vet is not saying the cysts caused her to lose the foal midterm however he did say the cysts are going to be a concern, if not now definately later. Has anyone got any advice or suggestions as to any treatments or procedures to either help her hold a pregnancy or preferable get rid of the cysts all together. At this point ET is last on my list of alternatives.
  2. We have a 23yo mare with cysts in both ovaries (old mares tend to get them).
    It hasn't changed her behavioural pattens, she doesn't rore or jump other mares.
    She has never failed to conceive on the first go via AI or natural cover.
    Always first time every time. Her body just knows what to do with pregnancies.
    She is not a good candidate for FS, so we'll breed her naturally next year if she doesn't shut the shop.:))) and becomes a garden ornament.:p
    All the best with yours!:p
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    yes Cysts in the Uterus can be treated, ask your Equine Breeding Vet.....
    Fiona is good up in Bullsbrook **)

  4. info on archie

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    My mare got cysts in her ovaries....-bloody terrible. One minute she was jumping other mares, next she was backing up to geldings squealing. She had all the typical stallion behaviours (mounting, roaring, pooing over any other horses, and in the same spot in her paddock) etc.

    She was in SEVERE pain. We got Bruce Ferguson from Murdoch, yes, expensive, but bloody well worth it. Not many people agree with the use of herbs, but with acupuncture to manage the pain, and some chinese herbs (name escapes me) she came good.

    She's a standardbred, which don't have a high demand, so it's not like I'll be breeding her or the like, so it doesn't matter to me if she has no chance of becoming in foal.

    Good Luck! **)
  5. GGS

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    Thanks guys:)) Any ideas on the treatments they do for UTERINE cysts, ovaries are cystless!**)
  6. We had another mare at the vets for FS last year when the vet discovered a uterine cyst.
    We didn't risk FS on her, but the cyst got dealt with by the vet, the mare went home and was covered naturally to produce us this baby!

    cheers, lena
  7. citygirl

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    it depends on your Vet..theres some "old"ways...but most of the time, the Vet will use laser treatment


    the Vet in Baldivis does it.

  8. GGS

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    Thanks all, I just spoke to Equivet and they will pop them for me, apparently laser treatment is pretty new, costly and in the East he believed only GVE would have the equipment and know how. The procedure needs to be done between foaling and day 10 so I will send her up there, he agreed (MWilson) that ET should be the last resort for my mare as she is not competing, she is willing and able to go in foal and carry one and the expense of ET is unjustified if the cysts can be removed or at least dramatically decreased. I am much happier:D He also thought it was highly unlikely the cysts caused her to lose the pregnancy as she was PTIF at 45dys, generally they cause problems much earlier in the pregnancy. He also said that inch diameter cysts were small compared to what they have dealt with. All in all I am feeling far more positive.:))

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