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Discussion in 'Product & Service Promotions' started by Ali, May 31, 2002.

  1. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Has anyone recently heard what is happening regarding use of Anstey Beach Secret Harbour and Barter Road beach Kwinana, for exercising horses? The last thing I heard was that Anstey Beach would be closed to horses as of April. Both of these beaches have been used by horses for decades.
    I often use the Barter Road beach with my horses as it's great for a good swim or a gallop or just a relaxing paddle and change of scenery.It would be a shame to lose these beaches.The Barter Road beach is under threat by the proposed sheep export terminal and the Anstey Beach one is due to residents complaining about horses being unloaded in their streets due to houses being built where the makeshift carpark used to be! So, does anyone know what is happening with this situation ?

  2. chavi

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    Yeah, I was wondering about this as well. I used to ride with a friend down there, but since im on my unwanted 'break' from riding and have been since summer holidays, I didn't know what had actually happened re the situation...Never went to Secrets, but rode at Kwinana a few times.

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