US Olympic Dressage Rider Still in Coma

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  1. wattle6180

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    A warning about helmets on even our quietest schoolies :( I am guilty of not wearing my helmet enough, especially while doing flatwork :(

    Good vibes going out to Courtney and her Team.

    Courtney King Dye Still in Coma But Making Progress After Fall From Horse
    Monday March 15, 2010

    2008 US Olympic dressage rider Courtney King Dye is still in a coma after falling from a young horse that tripped while she was riding on March 3, 2010. King-Dye was apparently not wearing a helmet at the time. According to her blog on Courtney King Dressage she is recovering slowly, and it's expected she will make a complete recovery, given her age, fitness level and steely willpower. Her husband Jason Dye is posting updates on her condition as well he can, considering the circumstances.
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    That's terrible. Hope she recovers. I never ride without my helmet ( I wear full riot gear really) I learnt the hard way to wear a helmet when loading my sometimes slightly float-phobic WB. He nearly knocked my head off on the stallion divider the other week.

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