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  1. Angimac

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    Hi everyone, I have just checked the Andrew Wilson and Co (they run the Friday Echuca horse sales) facebook page they have 41 confiscated Clydesdales, Clydesdale crosses and paints going through the sales Friday 26th August. The auction starts at either 12 noon or 1pm. I do not think there are any stallions, mostly mares, some with foals and young stock. There maybe colts among the young clydies.
    Some of these horses are registered but there is no papers with the horses.

    Photos will start going up on the facebook page on Thursday. They also have absentee bidding.

    Can you please pass this onto any clydie enthusiasts you may know. They all look in pretty good nick except one mare that has given quite a bit to her foal.

    Hopefully they will all be saved from the doggers/knackeries and the dealer merry go round.

  2. Noelle

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    Will see if I can put it up on FB
  3. Angimac

    Angimac Well-known Member

    Thanks Noelle that would be great.

    I am not on FB but can read it. The details that come up when I Google is Andrew Wilson & Co / Echuca Horse and Saddlery Auction then underneath is https://www.facebook.com/Andrew-Wilson-Co-Echuca-Horse-and-Saddlery-Auction-1377153102529852/. Hope admin does not mind.
    Please ask everyone to go to the timeline as there is a lot of interest and the auctioneers are having to answer the same questions over and over again.
    If they are going to put in a bid ask them to save the photo of the horse, not the link to the page, as they take down all the photos after the auction.
    Pictures will start going up on Thursday as the horses come into the pens.
    Hope this attention will highlight all the poor thoroughbreds and standies in the dogger pens.

    They should not believe what some people are saying about the clydies, there is great interest in a black mare with large blaze, someone said she was unhandled etc etc but the person that sold her to the owner that defaulted on the agistment said she has been shown with success and had been ridden after professional breaking in and had the photos to prove it. Think the person was interested in putting people off until they read previous owners post.

    Hopefully will keep them out of dealers hands.
  4. Angimac

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    I have checked the auctioneer's FB page again and some people that know the person that had the 41 horses confiscated say some maybe in foal to Sackville Sinbad (a Welsh stallion that I think was in WA).

    Also in among the herd is a mare called JTF Lexington Kentucky Lass that is part Welsh/part APSB, palamino pinto. She was invited by the Coloured Horse and Pony Society UK in January 2012 to go over there and be classified.

    The sale is in Echuca Victoria this Friday and will start at 1pm EST, there is an absentee bidding number and they say photos will start going up on Thursday with hopefully a bit more detail.

    Breeders and previous owners of some of the horses have been on the page asking for them to go to good forever homes as they cannot afford to purchase them back.
  5. Dingo

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    Thanks for the heads up, I just had my first Clydesdale delivered last week, I would love to get him a friend or two! I just called Stan from the auctions, he is very helpful, they can arrange agistment until you can organise transport, nothing is too much trouble. They are very genuine about wanting the horses to find good homes.

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